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AB Testing and Optimisation

Tools and services designed for A/B testing and optimization, aiding in comparing different versions of web pages, products, or marketing materials to determine the best performer in terms of user engagement and conversion rates.

Access Panels

Access Panels are large groups of pre-recruited respondents who have agreed to participate in market research studies, which can be used to quickly gather data on various topics.

Accessible Research

Accessible Research refers to market and UX research tools and methods that are designed to be easy to use and inclusive, allowing researchers to gather data from a broad and diverse population.

Ad Hoc Research

Ad Hoc Research consists of custom studies designed to address specific issues or questions, providing tailored insights as opposed to regular, continuous research.

Advanced Statistical Techniques

This category includes complex statistical methods and software that are used to analyze data beyond basic means, such as predictive models, multivariate analysis, and machine learning algorithms to uncover deeper insights from data.

Advertising Experiments

Tools and methodologies that facilitate controlled experiments in the field of advertising to test hypotheses, measure the impact of advertisements, and inform strategy by manipulating variables such as ad placement, content, and audience segmentation.

Advertising Testing

Services and software that provide pre-launch testing of advertising materials to gauge consumer response and effectiveness. This can include focus groups, online surveys, and in-market testing.

Advertising Tracking

This category comprises the tools and systems used to monitor the performance and consumer engagement of advertising campaigns in real-time across various channels, including digital, print, and broadcast.

Advertising/Campaign Effectiveness

Platforms and analytical tools designed to evaluate and measure the success of advertising campaigns, often through metrics such as ROI, conversion rates, and brand awareness.

Agile Qualitative Research

This category combines agile methodologies with qualitative research to rapidly iterate study design, data collection, and analysis. It allows for more flexibility and responsiveness in research projects, adapting to new insights and changes in the research context.

Agile Quantitative Research

Agile Quantitative Research represents methodologies that emphasize quick, iterative learning cycles and the flexibility to adapt to new information. This category includes software that supports real-time data collection and analysis, enabling researchers to make faster, data-driven decisions in dynamic market environments.

Agile Survey Research

Tools designed for fast and flexible survey creation and deployment, supporting rapid data collection and analysis, ideal in dynamic market environments where speed and adaptability are key.


Agriculture Research is involved with improving farming practices, crop management, sustainability, and technological integration to boost productivity and environmental health in the agricultural sector.


This category includes analysis of airline industry trends, customer satisfaction, flight operations efficiency, and safety measures to enhance the air travel experience and operational effectiveness.

Alcoholic Drinks

Alcoholic Drinks Research examines market trends, consumer preferences, and regulatory impacts on the production and consumption of alcoholic beverages.


APIs, or Application Programming Interfaces, in this context refer to interfaces that allow different software applications to communicate with each other. They enable integration and data exchange between systems, which can be used to enhance research capabilities and automate processes.

App Analytics

Software products that specialize in gathering and analyzing data from mobile applications. These analytics can track user engagement, app performance, and user demographics to inform development and marketing strategies.

App Surveys

Tools that enable surveys within mobile applications, allowing for the collection of user feedback directly from the app’s user base. This feedback can help in improving app features, user experience, and customer satisfaction.

Apparel / Fashion

In this category, research is conducted on fashion trends, consumer buying habits, textile innovation, and sustainability in the apparel industry.

Artificial Intelligence

This refers to systems or machines that mimic human intelligence to perform tasks and can iteratively improve themselves based on the information they collect. AI in market research can include chatbots, predictive analytics, customer segmentation, and personalization strategies.


Platforms and services that facilitate the buying and selling of goods or services by offering them up for bid, taking bids, and then selling the item to the highest bidder, often used in market research to determine the value consumers place on items.

Audience and Market Measurement

Tools and services for measuring and analyzing audience and market trends, providing insights into consumer behavior, market size, segment performance, and competitive landscape.

Audience Panel

An Audience Panel consists of a selected group of individuals who provide feedback on various media and marketing materials. These panels help in assessing audience reactions and preferences, which can be critical in shaping content and campaign strategies.

Audience/Consumer Segmentation

Audience/Consumer Segmentation involves dividing a market into distinct groups of buyers with different needs, characteristics, or behaviors. This process helps businesses tailor their products and marketing efforts to more effectively reach and engage with their target audience.

Audio Content Recognition

Technologies and services that identify and analyze audio content, such as spoken words, music, and sound effects, to track where and how often content is played or to enable interactive marketing efforts based on audio triggers.

Augmented Reality

This category encompasses software and tools that create interactive experiences where the real world is enhanced with computer-generated perceptual information, often overlaying digital content onto the physical environment in real-time.

Automated Neuromarketing

Tools and technologies that leverage automated systems to study consumer’s sensorimotor, cognitive, and affective response to marketing stimuli. This can include eye tracking, facial expression analysis, and EEG to understand and predict consumer behavior without conscious interference.

Automated Qualitative Research

Platforms and tools that automate aspects of qualitative research, such as customer interviews and content analysis, using AI and machine learning to analyze large volumes of qualitative data.

Automated Reporting

Automated Reporting refers to the use of software to create reports that summarize data without manual intervention. This technology allows for real-time reporting on various metrics, aiding in quick decision-making and trend analysis.


Automotive Research encompasses studies on vehicle design, consumer trends, automotive technology advancements, and the impact of transportation on society.


Business-to-Business research involves studying the market, understanding industry trends, and gathering intelligence specifically related to transactions between businesses.


Banking Research analyzes financial trends, banking services, customer satisfaction, and regulatory changes affecting the banking industry.

Behavioural Analytics

The process of collecting and analyzing data about users’ actions and behaviors. This can help companies understand the motivations behind consumer actions, improve user engagement, and predict future behavior patterns.

Behavioural Economics

Behavioural Economics studies the effects of psychological, cognitive, emotional, cultural, and social factors on the economic decisions of individuals and institutions. It applies this knowledge to understand the variety of market behaviors in contrast to the assumption of the rational market theories.

Behavioural Insights

Behavioural Insights draw on the findings from behavioural research to inform policy, strategy, and practice, often seeking to understand and influence consumer decisions and actions.

Behavioural Research

Behavioural Research studies the actions and decision-making processes of individuals, often using psychological, cognitive, and social factors to explain consumer behavior.

Behavioural Science

This category encompasses the study of human behavior through the systematic analysis and investigation of human and animal behavior through controlled and naturalistic observational and disciplined scientific experimentation, often used to improve products and services.

Behavioural Tracking

Technologies and services that monitor and record consumers’ activities and actions. This information is used to understand patterns, preferences, and habits for better marketing strategies, product development, and personalized experiences.

Betting & Gaming

This category involves researching the gaming and betting industry, focusing on consumer behavior, market trends, and the impact of technology on gaming experiences.


Services and tools that measure and statistically analyze people’s unique physical and behavioral characteristics. This category is used in market research to understand consumer reactions and emotions, often using fingerprints, facial recognition, and voice patterns.

Blockchain Panel

Innovative platforms utilizing blockchain technology to create secure, transparent, and immutable panels for various research purposes. These panels can be used to validate the authenticity of data, track the usage of digital assets, and ensure the integrity of the research data.


Techniques and processes designed to generate creative ideas and solutions. This can include group sessions, idea management software, and other collaborative tools that facilitate the creative process in developing new products, services, or marketing strategies.

Brand Research

The study of how a brand is perceived in the market, assessing its visibility, image, and competitiveness. This research can use surveys, focus groups, and social media analysis to gather insights into brand positioning, equity, and the effectiveness of branding strategies.

Brand Tracking

Continuous monitoring services that measure the health of a brand over time, tracking changes in consumer awareness, perception, and preference. This typically involves regular collection of data through surveys and other feedback mechanisms to assess and predict brand performance.

Bulletin Boards

Online platforms that function as message boards where participants in market research can post and discuss ideas, feedback, and opinions. These boards facilitate asynchronous communication among large groups of consumers and are often used for qualitative research.

Campaign Measurement

The process of evaluating the effectiveness of a marketing campaign. This includes measuring the reach, engagement, conversion, and impact of the campaign across different channels. Tools in this category often provide analytics and reporting functions to gauge ROI and campaign success.

CAPI (Face-to-Face Interviews)

This category represents Computer-Assisted Personal Interviewing, a technique where an interviewer uses a tablet or computer to record responses during a face-to-face interview. It enhances data quality by enabling immediate data capture and validation.

Card Sorting

Card Sorting is a method used to help design or evaluate the information architecture of a site. Participants organize topics into categories that make sense to them and they may also help label these groups.

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