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Nov 10th, 17th & 24th

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An introduction from the course tutor, Rinat Sherzer

Why join this course?

Learn the Design Thinking process from inception to validation. Understand users, uncover insights, prototype & test.

Design Thinking is the leading discipline in the field of innovation.

In this masterclass, we will embark on a journey and discover new opportunities for innovation led by Rinat Sherzer, founder of Of Course Global, a purpose-driven innovation consultancy.

We'll go through the entire Design Thinking process from inception to validation.

It’s a process of crafting solutions while using creative problem-solving techniques. And is used by the most groundbreaking companies out there such as Apple, Capital One, and Airbnb.

It wisely navigates between wild big ideas and actionable steps.

Design Thinking is a process that not only allows you to create a validated solution but also gets you to know your users at a deep level and solve problems that really matter.

Design Thinking widely been adopted by UX Designers, product owners, entrepreneurs, and social entrepreneurs around the world.

We live in a saturated world of products and services. A world with many short term solutions that fail to benefit our society and environment. Wouldn’t you like to create the next big game-changing idea?

By the end of this masterclass, you will have deeply understood your target audience, uncovered surprising insights, come up with many exciting ideas and then prototyped and tested the chosen idea with real users.

Over the past 12 years, Rinat has helped thousands of people sharpen their creative skills and build purpose-driven solutions.

From managers in Fortune 500 companies such as Microsoft, Capital One and Pfizer to students in acclaimed universities such as Cornell, Parsons and Columbia University all the way to emerging entrepreneurs working on their first venture.

She helped startups grow into multi-million worth companies and designed strategies for global peace movements all by using the tools taught in this masterclass.

In this masterclass, you will learn the ins and outs of purpose-driven innovation through the Design Thinking process. You will learn from real case studies and top creative tools out there.

It’s going to be a hands-on experience!

You will be encouraged to step out of your comfort zone, a lot! It’s going to be messy, eye-opening, and fun!

So if value-driven solutions, collaboration, and creative thinking speak to you, this Design Thinking, Creativity & Innovation masterclass is for you!

Who is this course for?

Anyone Interested in Innovation, Creativity & Purpose Driven Solutions:

Consultants & Strategic Planners

Insight Professionals

Market Researchers

User Researchers

Innovation Leaders

Product Owners and Managers

UX Designers

Entrepreneurs & Social Entrepreneurs

What will you learn?

By the end of this course workshop, you will be familiar with the core Design Thinking principles and be able to apply them to your own innovation challenges

1. Learn the entire Design Thinking process by working on your own challenge, from inception to validation

2. Practice diverse tools that will enhance your creativity and innovation skills

3. Deeply understand your target audience through various research methodologies

4. Uncover surprising insights

5. Learn to reframe problems into opportunities

6. Create a Point of View on the challenge that will set you up for an innovative solution

7. Build capacity for brainstorming and ideation

8. Craft a prototype for a chosen solution and test with real users

What is the course format?

This course comprises two elements:

on-demand learning with video lessons, handbook, course forums and tutor-led drop-in sessions

a series of live 2-hour training workshops over 3 conscutive weeks

Enrol in just the on-demand course or enrol in both elements

On-Demand Learning

48 video-based lessons covering the 5 Design Thinking phases: Discover, Define, Ideate, Prototype & Test

The Masterclass Handbook

On-going support through course discussion forums

12 months' access all video lessons, course forums and drop-in sessions

Live Training Workshops

3 two-hour workshops on consecutive days: Tues 10th,  17th & 24th November @ 12pm -2pm EST / 5pm - 7pm UK / 6pm - 8pm CET.

Up to 8 live drop-in sessions led by the course tutor.

Who is the course tutor?

Rinat Sherzer

Founder, Of Course Global

Rinat Sherzer (Top 40 Women Keynote Speakers according to Real Leaders Magazine), is a New York-based social entrepreneur, an educator, and a public speaker.

She’s the founder of Of Course Global, a purpose-driven innovation consultancy.

Among their clients are Fortune 500 companies such as: Capital One, Pfizer & Microsoft.

In over 12 years of experience in the field of Design Thinking & Innovation, she has helped startups grow into multi-million dollar companies and designed strategies for global peace movements.

Rinat has lectured on Design Thinking & Social Innovation in acclaimed Universities such as Harvard, Cornell, Columbia, NYU, University of Pennsylvania, Cooper Union, College for Creative Studies.

She is an Adjunct Professor at Parsons School of Design and mentors entrepreneurs from all over the world, helping them bring their ideas into fruition.

Rinat's focus is in creating a society with equal rights and opportunities for all.

You can see more about her research and work in her TED Talk: The Bloody Taboo With The Power To Change The World.

Rinat holds a Bachelor's degree in Biotechnology Engineering from Ben-Gurion University, Israel and an MFA in Design for Social Innovation from SVA, NY.

Feedback from Previous Students

“Now THIS is a wonderful course! I sooo enjoyed it and I am AMAZED at what came out at the end of the design thinking process! I can’t believe how easy it can be to get creativity and ideas flowing! I actually made the 100 ideas challenge although it looked impossible when I first heard it!

This is a super comprehensive course, with a detailed explanation of the 4 steps in the design thinking process. I can see why so many big companies and individuals use it, it definitely leads to innovation!"

"The examples given throughout the course are so, so useful as they really help you understand how each step in the process contributes to generating creative and innovative ideas and solutions for all sorts of challenges.

And the exercises and reflection questions really enhance the impact of the overall learning journey, I feel that is when the information I was hearing actually sunk in and I could make sense of it for my business project.

Rinat, I can’t thank you enough, you’ve been a wonderful teacher, I loved your teaching style, so warm and engaging!"

“I have been an entrepreneur dealing with innovation and creation for the last 30 years, and I was amazed by the lectures that Rinat presented.

It was a fresh angle on my daily occupation and I would very much recommend listening to her presentations.”

“This course is exactly what I needed! I've been looking for an inspiring innovation course to walk me through the steps of design thinking and voila! Rinat is knowledgeable, engaging, and warm in her approach.

She presents the information clearly and gives plenty of real-world examples and opportunities to apply the concepts. I'm excited to use what I learned going forward! :)”

“The course kept me stuck to it throughout. After every session, I was awestruck with so many new ideas popping up in my mind. Loved every bit of this course.

The best course I have taken so far. Right from those creative ideas to inspiring stories, you kept me glued to my seat, although I know, breaks are essential for design thinking 😉 Great work and Kudos to you.”

“Rinat does a great job of providing a solid foundation for Design Thinking concepts, while mixing in helpful examples and exercises to help conceptualize the ideas.”

Of Course Global Clients 

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On-Demand Course Only

£295/ US $375 / EUR €325
  • 48 video lessons
  • Design Thinking Masterclass Handbook
  • Discussion forum access with tutor support
  • 12 months' access to online course and forums

On-Demand + Live Workshops

£549/ US $719 / EUR €609
  • All features of On-Demand Course
  • Hands-on facilitation and coaching
  • Collaboration on live Design Thinking challenge
  • Up to 8 tutor-led drop-in sessions annually

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Frequently Asked Questions

Anyone who wants to build skills and confidence in Design Thinking:  researchers, product managers, designers, consultants, innovators - anyone!

The On-Demand Course is accessible instantly after you enrol. 

The live workshops take place on Nov 10th, 17th & 24th 2020 at 12pm - 2pm EST / 5pm - 7pm  UK / 6pm - 8pm CET.

The On-Demand Course cost is GBP£295 / USD$375 / EUR€325. 

The Combined On-Demand & Live Course is GBP£549 / USD$719 / EUR€609.

VAT may apply on top of these costs to students based in the EU. 

Yes, we offer discounts of 20% if there are several participants from the same organisation.

Please contact us using the form below and we will arrange the registrations at the discounted rate.

The course is being led by Rinat Sherzer of Of Course Global.  

The course is curated and hosted by Insight Platforms, which is a trading name of What Next Strategy & Planning Ltd.

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Are there any course requirements? 

This course has no prerequisites: just curiosity, openness and willingness to step out of your comfort zone

Along with your computer, you will need a notebook, sticky notes and a marker

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