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How AI Will Transform Use of Research, Data & Insights

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Learn how enterprise insights teams and stakeholders see the impact of AI on research, data & insights in this comprehensive survey report.

Market Logic Software partnered with Insight Platforms to conduct a survey of more than 200 insights teams and stakeholders in large organisations.

The report reveals that:

  • more than three-quarters of insights teams and two-thirds of stakeholders have already begun using AI for insights-related tasks
  • 80% of insight teams believe AI will make them more productive by saving time on a wide range of research and analysis tasks
  • Almost 40% of insights leaders believe these enhanced AI capabilities will prompt them to shrink the size of their teams
  • Yet 74% of business stakeholders predict that AI will increase demand for research and insights
  • And AI looks set to drive strong growth in self-service use of insights by marketers, product managers, and other business users.

Download the report now to learn more about the impact of AI on research, data & insights.

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