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Cambri is the product development platform for innovators. Advanced consumer insight & iterative testing made fast & simple.
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EthOS is a mobile research platform for CX, UX and Market Research teams to conduct ethnographies, diary studies and chat-based interviews.
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Rival Technologies is a mobile market research platform with digital experiences  that inspire people to share deep, rich and actionable insights.
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Askia builds survey and reporting technology to help understand and predict human behaviour. It is the technology partner of choice for visionary market research agencies.
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Suzy is an audience management platform that combines research tools with an on-demand network of screened and verified consumers.
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Q One is a panel management, survey and UX research/data collection platform for both simple quick-turn-around studies and complex multi-wave projects.
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Infotools Harmoni is a purpose-built data analytics and visualisation solution for market research data.
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Measure Protocol is a marketplace for ‘person-based data’ through which participants share data and opinions in exchange for rewards.
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quantilope is an agile insights platform that automates advanced research methodologies including Conjoint, MaxDiff, Implicit Association Tests.
Learn More … quantilope
Kantar Marketplace is an automated research platform available in 70+ markets and built on proven methodologies. Choose from full self-serve, guided self-serve and expert service options.
Learn More … Kantar Marketplace
Stravito is a user-friendly knowledge management platform that lets you centralise your market research, find what you’re looking for in seconds, and share insights with the click of a button.
Learn More … Stravito

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