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FlexMR InsightHub is a research platform with tools for insight communities, live chat, focus groups, blogs, forums, smartboards, scrapbooks, polls and diaries.
Learn More … FlexMR InsightHub is an online drag-and-drop survey analysis platform that combines analytics, visualisations, dashboards, PowerPoint exports and crosstabs.
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Affectiva Media Analytics helps to optimize content and media spend by measuring consumer emotional responses to videos, ads, movies and TV shows.
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Recollective is an industry-leading research tool for conducting online qualitative studies and developing robust insight communities.
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UX insight software
Lumen is an eye tracking research company with proprietary software that turns a computer or smartphone webcam into an accurate and stable eye tracking camera.
Learn More … Lumen
Caplena uses Augmented Intelligence to analyse large amounts of free text from reviews and open-ended survey questions.
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Rival Technologies is a mobile market research platform with digital experiences  that inspire people to share deep, rich and actionable insights.
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Indeemo is the market leader in mobile ethnography, a form of online qualitative research that helps researchers elicit rich insights from respondents.
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Field Notes is a platform for capturing and managing high quality, self-shot video from people around the world via their smartphones.
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SightX is an automated end-to-end consumer insights platform for efficient data-driven decision-making.
Learn More … SightX
Glow is an on-demand research platform for rapid decisions with access to over 100 million consumers and 6 million businesses worldwide, plus a team of experts when you need them.
Learn More … Glow

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