The Shopper-Centric Approach for Category Growth: Revolutionizing Planogramming

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Learn how innovative 3D technology is shaping in store category management by enabling the creation of a shopper-centric planogram.

Times are changing, and so are humans and how they make purchase decisions.

Between global economic constraints causing ripples and major tide changes in consumer behavior and the onslaught of rapid technological adaption – how can category managers leverage new tools and research to enhance how shoppers discover and purchase products?

In the past, planogramming was often done manually and shared via PDF files or static documents, and category managers or merchandising teams traditionally analyzed sales data and customer buying habits to arrange products — however, this method lacks precision and scalability.

Over the past years, Concept Sauce has refined an unprecedented approach to new-age consumerism with shopper centric planogramming.

This unique approach prioritizes shopper needs over product attributes, enhanced by cutting-edge 3D technology.

Concept Sauce ebook - Revolutionizing Planograming - April 24

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