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Conversational Research: Its Mechanics and Its Significance

With Yasna by Fastuna

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Understand how you can use Conversational AI in your own research projects in this practical guide from Fastuna.

This ebook from Fastuna introduces a groundbreaking AI-based tool for conducting surveys, revolutionising the traditional approach to market research.

Learn how you can use Large Language Models (LLMs) for conversational surveys to enhance the depth and quality of insights gathered from respondents.

Fastuna’s AI-powered chatbot, underpinned by robust research methodology, facilitates human-like interactions, ensuring detailed and relevant responses.

This ebook shows how conversational AI is:

  • a scalable and versatile research approach
  • fosters a safe environment for honest responses
  • combines quantitative and qualitative methods
  • can be applied to diverse categories and topics.

.This innovative approach is helpful for researchers who want to gather richer, more nuanced consumer insights efficiently and with precision.

Download this ebook and discover how conversational AI can revolutionise your approach to gathering consumer insights.

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Yasna is an AI assistant for conversational research: collect facts, opinions, and ideas from any audience in any country or language.

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