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Text analytics platforms rely on Natural Language Processing (NLP), a type of Artificial Intelligence.

These tools are used to make sense of unstructured data from a range of sources: verbatim comments in surveys, reviews posted in forums, posts in social media, comments transcribed in call centres and many other types of text-based input.

Key features of text analytics platforms include sentiment analysis; categorisation or topic analysis; entity extraction (eg to identify brands); and data visualisation - usually in an online dashboard.

Text analytics capabilities are also built into many platforms in other categories: Social Listening, Survey Software, Automated Surveys and Trend Analytics tools.

Codeit Demo - Insight Platforms

Platform Demo – Codeit

Codeit Demo.
CodeIt is a software platform for text analytics and verbatim response coding. It uses a variety of advanced machine learning techniques.

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Heartbeat Ai Demo - Insight Platforms

Platform Demo – Heartbeat Ai

Heartbeat Ai Demo.
Heartbeat AI is a text analytics platform that extracts human emotion insights from conversations, open survey questions, social media and other sources.

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Sentisum Demo - Insight Platforms

Platform Demo – Sentisum

Sentisum Demo.
SentiSum is a personalised AI platform that uses machine learning to analyse large amounts of customer feedback data from all channels in real time.

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CX Analytics - Insight Platforms

CX Analytics

A directory of software and services for customer experience analytics, and related learning resources: articles, market maps, webinars, videos and ebooks.
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The Lean Insight Toolbox Part 3 - The Five Whys - Insight Platforms

The Lean Insight Toolbox Part 3: Getting to the Five Whys

The 'Five Whys' - digging and probing for root cause understanding - underpins lean insight, and is also fundamental to new qualitative research approaches
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How to Combine Survey Social & Search Data - Pulsar

How to Connect Survey, Social & Search Data for Breakthrough Cultural Insights

A webinar presented by Francesco Dorazio, co-founder of Pulsar. It explores a case study with NBC Entertainment to create 'live segments' combining survey, social and search data.
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6 flavours of text analytics platforms

6 flavours of text analytics platforms

A quick look at six different varieties of text analytics platforms for research: for customer experience, social listening, emotion AI, free tools, integrations and survey coding.
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What is Text Analytics for Research - Featured Image

What is Text Analytics for Research?

An intro to Text Analytics for Research including background on NLP, 4 key concepts, 10 uses for text analytics in research and 4 ways to get it done.
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Heartbeat.AI - Uncovering Human Emotions in Unstructured Data - Insight Platforms

Uncovering Human Emotions in Unstructured Data

A free white paper from Heartbeat Ai that explains how NLP can be used to identify and measure the emotional content of language.
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Don’t miss out on your HIDDEN CX LEVERS With World’s ...
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Find Our View

Find Our View is a text analytics platform for analysing ...
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inca - Insight Platforms


inca is a qualitative-first, AI-powered insight platform to understand consumers ...
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Kimola is a social research and machine learning platform for ...
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MyForce Midas

MyForce Midas provides software for speech enabled surveys and apps. ...
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Prodsight Logo - Insight Platforms


Prodsight is a CX Analytics platform that uses machine learning ...
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TopBox Logo - Insight Platforms


Topbox is a CX analytics platform that aggregates and analyses ...
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Stratifyd is an AI-powered platform that analyses, categorises, and visualises ...
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Customer Thermometer

Customer Thermometer is a tool for collecting 1-click experience feedback ...
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Lumoa Logo - Insight Platforms


Lumoa is a CX Analytics platform that uses NLP to ...
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SentiGeek analyses customer reviews and comments using an automated cloud ...
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Caplena Logo - Insight Platforms


Caplena is online text analysis software for coding open-end responses ...
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Potentiate logo square - Insight Platforms


At Potentiate, we’re all about human experience (HX). Viewing people ...
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Relative Insight

Relative Insight is a language analytics platform. It uses NLP ...
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Luminoso is a CX analytics platform for identifying themes in ...
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Scope AI is an NLP based analytics platform that analyses ...
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codeit coding only better


Codeit is the smarter, faster verbatim coding tool that is ...
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canvs research analytics


Canvs analyses and categorizes "Emotional Reactions" in dialogue. The technology ...
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ipiphany market research


ipiphany applies text analytics to unstructured Customer Experience data (from ...
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smarcoder online focus group platform


Smartcoder provides automatic analysis of answers to open-ended survey questions. ...
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