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Discuss.io is an end-to-end real-time qualitative video research platform used by the top global brands and their agencies.


‘Agile’ may be the most abused word in research and analytics, often used as shorthand for technology that makes things faster and cheaper. This section will help you learn the difference between agile, lean, design thinking, experimentation and iteration.

You will also find agile platforms and partners to help you deliver.


What is Online Qualitative Research?

An introduction to the 9 different types of online qualitative research. Learn about live chat groups, discussion forums, communities, video…

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What is Market Research?

A brief explainer on the basics, main methods and essential terms of market research for anyone who is completely new…


Platform Demo – inca

On-demand demo of inca a qualitative-first, AI-powered insight platform to understand consumers in-depth and at-scale.

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