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inca is a qualitative-first insight platform to understand consumers in-depth and at-scale through conversation and custom NLP.


The Conversational Surveys covers three related areas.

The first is surveys conducted through messaging platforms – Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, WeChat – or websites that mimic the chat interface. This encourages far natural feedback from people than forcing them through traditional survey structures.

Next, there are voice surveys which allow survey participants to speak, rather than type, their answers to open-ended questions.

The final group is Artificial Intelligence or Chatbot Surveys that are blurring the boundaries between surveys and qualitative research ‘at scale’: feedback from hundreds or thousands of people using a bot and a chat interface. These Conversational Surveys can include contextually-triggered probes to get deeper verbatim responses, and the open-ended data can be analysed in real time to understand themes and sentiment.


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