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Ipiphany uses text analytics to understand customer feedback in social posts, call transcripts, NPS surveys, emails and many other sources.


CX Analytics platforms use artificial intelligence to mine the content of unstructured text feedback from customers: in surveys, reviews, complaints, emails, social platforms and call centre transcripts.

These tools help organisations build customised models for their own category, brands and customer base, enabling them to classify topics, entities and sentiment

Results are displayed in online dashboards, and some platforms provide alerts when customer issues require urgent attention.


Five digital CX feedback tools

If you saw this market map of CX feedback tools, you could be forgiven for asking, “is there really any difference…

market map

Market Map: CX Feedback Tools

Here’s a market map of CX feedback tools: Click here to download the high-res version with clickable links I’m defining…

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What is User Testing?

An overview of the main methods for user testing, including remote / in-person and moderated / unmoderated approaches.

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Market Map: Text Analytics

Market Map of text analytics platforms for research, including general text analytics, verbatim coding, emotion analytics and CX analytics.

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