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Indeemo is the market leader in mobile ethnography, a form of online qualitative research that helps researchers elicit rich insights from respondents.


QualSights is a platform for smartphone ethnography, remote video observation, interviews and focus groups. It can also be used to enhance face-to-face research projects.

Field Notes

Field Notes is a platform for capturing and managing high quality, self-shot video from people around the world via their smartphones: customers, employees, research participants,…


Mobile ethnography, experience sampling, smartphone qualitative: these solutions are for capturing in-the-moment feedback from users with text feedback, image uploads and video.

They may also feature advanced capabilities such as geo-triggering of tasks and screen capture for UX feedback.

article, explainer

What is Mobile Ethnography?

An introduction to mobile ethnography; it’s benefits, it’s uses, and the types of features needed.

market map

Market Map: Mobile Ethnography

A market map of mobile ethnography platforms. Includes mobile-only specialist tools and multi-platform qualitative research software with desktop and smartphone…

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Module Two:Homework and Digital Ethnography

Available On-Demand. These methods often prepare participants for online discussions or capture contextual images and video about the research topic….

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Module Six:Long Term Insight Communities

Available on-demand. How to build communities, maintain dialogue with members, keep them engaged and responsive, and generate iterative insight. You’ll…

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