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HatchTank is a qualitative research platform for open discussions, webcam feedback, collage-building and whiteboarding with support for over 20 languages.


Further is an online qual, mobile ethnography and research community platform for exploratory research, co-creation and concept development.


These solutions are for real time or asynchronous online qualitative research. Also known as live chattext chat groups or bulletin boards, they may also be used for short term insight communities. Additional features may include brainstorming tools, whiteboards, online collages / mood boards, markup tools, webcam feedback and image / video uploads.


What is Online Qualitative Research?

An introduction to the 9 different types of online qualitative research. Learn about live chat groups, discussion forums, communities, video…

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Together Platform Review

Review of Together (formerly Dub), a qualitative research and insight community platform with features for collaborative discussions, ideation and feedback.


Digital Qualitative Summit

July 2021. A virtual one-day conference with live sessions, panel discussions & case studies about online qualitative market / UX…

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