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CPG Insights & Innovation: 3 ways to do more with less in 2023

With Black Swan

  • ebook
  • Audience/Consumer Segmentation
  • Product Development Research
  • Concept Testing
  • Ideation
  • Knowledge Management
  • Predictive Analytics
  • Trend Analytics
  • Social Media Listening/Intelligence

Use efficiency to save the innovation process

If you’re a CPG marketer, you are probably facing many challenges trying to innovate:

  • Consumers’ spending is being squeezed, with the uncertainty of the future.
  • CPG Companies are being more conservative with budget, non-essential projects and resources.
  • Insights, Marketing and R&D professionals in Innovation have less time, people and budget.

And yet, you’re being asked to do more.

But how are you going to do more with less?

Only companies that move fast around evolving consumer needs can win in this environment. But not without savings in costs, time and resources in their NPD processes.

This ebook explores 3 ways to cut costs and bring efficiency to innovation processes.

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