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DIY MaxDiff for Market Researchers

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Learn all the key steps needed to perform your own MaxDiff study

MaxDiff, also known as best-worst scaling, is a valuable technique for market researchers aiming to identify the relative preferences individuals have for different attributes or choices. It becomes especially beneficial when simpler methods, like rating or ranking, are likely to result in poor data.

This eBook will show you everything you need to know to conduct a MaxDiff study yourself.  No more outsourcing to experts or bottlenecks using them in-house.

From the novice to the expert researcher, there’s something for everyone.  

The eBook covers:

  • How to create the experimental design
  • How best to collect and set up the data, for maximum efficiency
  • How to calculate preference scores (utilities) and extract actionable insights
  • Bonus topics to push your analysis further – working with respondent level utilities, identifying differences among sub-groups (using Hierarchical Bayes analysis),  forming segments based on preference, and more

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