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Future Skills for Insights Professionals: How Generative AI Will Impact Jobs

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Which skills will insights professionals need if they are to stay relevant in the era of Generative AI?

Generative AI is transforming the consumer insights and market research industries, and dividing opinions on whether they are a blessing or threat to insight professionals.

In this executive guide, Market Logic Software explains the opportunities and limitations of AI capabilities.

See early examples of AI technologies being used by insights teams and delve into the potential implications for the global community of insights and intelligence leaders.

Read the ebook to learn about:

  • the insurgent tools, skills and roles related to generative AI for insights professionals
  • examples of how AI usage can transform the way we conduct market research and provide business insights in the future
  • the new role of the Insights Architect, and why they will be the guardians of data quality
  • the importance of Human-AI collaboration in maintaining the future relevance of insights roles.

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