Interviews with Fraudsters

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Is your survey data fraudulent?

This pair of video interviews with fraudsters were conducted by the InnovateMR and OpinionRoute teams and presented at the ESOMAR Congress in Toronto, Sept 2022.

These videos are essential viewing for anyone who cares about the quality of their survey data. Learn how sophisticated fraudsters can be, how much they can earn, and how survey panel companies are fighting back.

Find out more about the companies behind these videos:

Interview with a Fraudster – Bangladesh 

This fraudster uses YouTube to create training videos on how to commit survey fraud.

He can make an upwards of $400 US dollars per month across 400+ surveys. He also teaches 1:1 classes, avoiding the potential legal ramifications

Interview with a Fraudster – Venezuela

This reformed fraudster once had a 25 device virtual device farm where he took thousands of surveys per month, cashing it at over $2,500 US dollars every few weeks.

He used highly technological and sophisticated methods including URL manipulations, VPNs, and spoofing. Today, he helps the insights industry combat fraud and preserve data quality.

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