Digital Qualitative Summit

Virtual Conference

July 14th & 15th 2021

Participating Companies

What is this event about?

In 2020 lockdowns, social distancing and remote working triggered a Cambrian explosion in online qualitative research.

There's no going back.

The Digital Qualitative Summit is a learning event that will showcase the most innovative digital methods, tools and case studies for qualitative market and UX research.

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Learn about Online Qualitative Research


What is Online Qualitative Research?

An introduction to the 9 different types of online qualitative research. Learn about live chat groups, discussion forums, communities, video...

Who is this event for?

This conference is for anyone who wants to learn about the latest developments in qualitative market and UX research.

Market Researchers

Learn about new tools and creative techniques to understand consumer behaviour and motivation

UX Researchers

See case studies that show how you can gain meaningful user and product insights at speed

Product & Brand Managers

See the tools, techniques and partners that will help you find your key insights

On-Demand Replays

Five Ways to Influence Decisions with Insightful Video

A 5-Step Framework for Designing Accessible Online Qual

Turning Mountains of Qualitative Data into a Compelling Story

Agile research design: how to adapt quickly when things don’t go to plan

Fighting Fatigue: Best Practices for 100% Participation

Craft a Winning Research Plan with Stakeholder Buy-In

How to use mobile-first video to get more authentic, richer insights

Getting closer from a distance: qualitative research with smartphones

How to use interactive whiteboards to better engage participants, colleagues and stakeholders

How leading brands are bringing qualitative research in-house

10 Hacks for More Emotional Disclosure in Online Qual

Create a Successful Long-Term Community in 5 Steps

Understanding The Modern Digital Qualitative Toolbox

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Frequently Asked Questions

Anyone who wants to learn about the latest qualitative research and consumer insight innovations: insight managers, researchers, brand managers, innovation consultants, strategic planners ...   

The conference takes place in July 2021.  

The conference is free to attend.

The conference is curated and hosted by Insight Platforms, which is a trading name of What Next Strategy & Planning Ltd.

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