Top Tools: Research Data Visualisation

Top Tools: Research Data Visualisation

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When working with big numbers, it helps to see all of the information laid out. Data visualization tools simplify complex data sets for easier analysis and decision-making by visually representing data information through charts, graphs, and interactive dashboards.

In short: they help folks find the big picture in small numbers.

However, not all tools for data visualisation are one and the same – each uses distinct features to enhance interpretation and identify patterns more efficiently to gain a clearer understanding of information.

Continue reading to learn about the top tools for research data visualisation – covering survey data analytics, business intelligence platforms, dashboard solutions and tools for charting and infographics.

This is not an exhaustive list – find more solutions by searching the Insight Platforms Directory. There’s also no hierarchy implied.

Solutions for Survey Data Visualisation


Displayr is a platform tailored for survey data analysis, reporting, dashboard publication, and real-time collaboration. The data visualization tool’s core functionalities encompass basic analysis, crosstabs, and the incorporation of text analysis and coding tools for qualitative examination, professional-quality reporting, and automatic data updating features, ensuring the continual relevance of insights. It also provides a secure cloud environment for collaborative work and advanced analysis capabilities for those requiring more sophisticated analytical approaches.

Forsta Visualizations

Forsta Visualizations offers a toolkit that lets you turn raw data into comprehensible infographics. The Forsta Visualizations suite includes a set of reporting tools designed to illustrate a customer journey, highlight the scale of a problem, get crucial messages across at a glance, or dig deeper into overall trends in a way that’s interactive and engaging. Forsta Visualizations is known for its flexibility, offering different reporting tools for various needs, from online dashboards to classic PowerPoint reports. is an online self-service survey data analysis platform that provides a unified interface for analyzing historical and current survey data from diverse sources. Along with drag-and-drop features, the platform supports functions like online analytics, quick dashboard creation, editable PowerPoint exports, crosstabs, and automation. is used by novice and experienced professionals and focuses on providing a user-friendly interface for efficient survey data exploration and interpretation.


Infotools is a software platform and services provider offering Harmoni, a data visualization software designed by market researchers for comprehensive analysis of market research data. Harmoni covers data processing, analysis, reporting, visualization, dashboards, distribution, and data alerts. Beyond software, Infotools provides data professionals for research design and management.


KnowledgeHound is a search-based survey management and analytics platform designed to turn survey data into insights. Similar to a Google search for survey data, it offers a user-friendly analytics experience suitable for research teams of all sizes. The platform focuses on maximizing the value of existing survey data by integrating it into knowledge management systems to enhance interpretation and collaboration around survey data.


E-Tabs specialises in data visualization and report automation solutions for market research.

E-Tabs provides software automation products and professional services for report automation, online reporting, and data viz consultation, along with products like PowerPoint charting and market research dashboards.

CX solutions


E-Tabs offers services and software for automating PowerPoint, Word and Excel reports including bespoke auto-charting and dashboard creation.


mTab is a data visualization platform specializing in survey analysis, visualization, and storytelling, encompassing various modules: mTab Analyze (for statistical and survey analysis), mTab Marketplace (offering access to leading providers across industries), mTab Interactive Reports (for creating dynamic dashboards and presentations), and more.

Notably, mTab tailors its solutions to diverse industries, including Automotive, Consumer Goods, Consumer Technology, Consulting, Entertainment, Food & Beverage, Insurance, Market Research, and Utilities – the platform hones in on versatility as a multifaceted toolkit.


mTab is a market research survey analysis, visualisation and storytelling platform with dashboards, statistics and advanced analytical capabilities.


Dynata Reporting & Analytics by MarketSight is a web-based survey analytics platform, offering a range of services under Data & Insights and Advertising Solutions. The platform includes direct dataset editing, crosstabs, automated statistical testing, advanced analytics, and diverse visualization options like charts, graphs, and export capabilities to PowerPoint and Excel.

From finding the target audience to survey creation, data connection, audience activation, creative testing, reporting & analytics, and more, the platform aims to facilitate functionality and provide insights for informed decision-making.


Dynata is a research tech and data platform with proprietary software and a panel of over 67 million consumers and business professionals.

Business Intelligence & Dashboard Solutions


Tableau offers a suite of software tools for data aggregation, analytics, visualization, and dashboard creation. Its features include in-depth analysis, data storytelling, and infographic publishing while allowing users to connect data from various sources, such as SQL databases, spreadsheets, and cloud apps.

The platform has also introduced Tableau AI, which facilitates data exploration, insights generation, and actionable decision-making with the support of artificial intelligence.

Power BI

Microsoft Power BI is as a web and cloud-based platform accessible through desktop or mobile applications. It is used for analytics, dashboard creation, and data visualization, and it is capable of connecting to various data sources. Power BI provides features like embedded visuals, trend identification, custom reports, and compatibility with SQL Server Analysis Services.


Flourish is designed to be a storytelling platform that enables professionals to create charts, maps, and interactive stories. The user-friendly platform features agency-quality data graphics, animated storytelling, customizable themes, and embedding and sharing capabilities. You can use Flourish to collaborate with a team of people and gain access to adaptable templates for presentations and social media content that aligns with your brand’s style.

Google Looker Studio

Google Looker Studio is an online tool for creating personalized reports and dashboards from data. You can start from a blank slate or choose a template from the Looker Studio Report Gallery for a simplified design process. Users can also select a data connector to link with their data, reaching into Looker Studio’s bank of 600 partner connectors. Users can also create their own connectors for internet-accessible data sources using Google Codelabs. The platform supports various features, including charts, tables, scorecards, gauges, and maps.


Qlik is a data visualization tool that specializes in executive dashboards, and self-service business intelligence products. It is known for data integration, data quality, and analytics solutions, supporting AI strategies. Qlik provides a self-service platform for users to utilize their data for problem-solving and addressing critical business needs.

The platform facilitates collaborative environments, enabling users to analyze and share trusted insights, utilize drag-and-drop functionality, explore data through search and filters, and create diverse data visualizations.


The Domo data visualization tool supports professionals in gathering and making sense of business data, establishing direct connections to data sources, and ensuring real-time updates for critical metrics. With Domo, you can create personalized dashboards to illustrate a clear picture of your data from different sources while automatically updating your metrics in real-time. Domo also incorporates a mobile experience that lets you check your metrics whenever and wherever for extra flexibility and convenience.


Domo is a Business Intelligence (BI) platform that offers AI-powered analysis, and intuitive interfaces for connecting and analysing data.

Chart & Infographic Tools


Datawrapper aims to simplify the process of creating charts, maps, and tables for showcasing important data. The tool is designed to be user-friendly and offers a diverse range of services and features to enhance data visualization. You can choose from 19 interactive and responsive chart types, select from three interactive and responsive maps, and create data tables utilizing various elements. The platform also offers features like dark mode, print export, localization, dark mode, and other privacy and security measures.

Google Charts

Google Charts is a JavaScript tool that offers a diverse chart library, accommodating a range of options from simple line graphs to complex hierarchical tree maps. Key features include user-friendly configurations using JSON, multi-support capabilities for touchscreen-based systems like Android and iOS, and open-source availability for non-commercial use. Google Charts supports dynamic data server loading, allowing users control through callback functions, and it is compatible across mobile systems like iOS and Android.


Piktochart is an online creation tool tailored for producing diverse visual content, and it delivers an array of visual solutions for the following and more: infographics, banners, brochures, cards, diagrams, pitch decks, social media graphic maker. The platform also includes video tools: a screen recorder, social media video maker, video, cropping, video-to-text converter, and a video views calculator.

Piktochart has also introduced an AI-powered infographic maker, empowering users to generate professionally designed infographics that resonate with their brand’s identity.


Venngage is primarily a graphic design software that supports businesses in crafting infographics and data visualizations with pre-built templates. Collaborators can work on various infographics and share their designs in PNG format, and the drag-and-drop editor makes it easy to add icons, charts, images, and more. Venngage aims to provide accessible tools that make creating infographics and professional designs doable and efficient.


Venngage is an design platform with over 10,000 templates for visual content including charts, infographics and timelines.


Visme serves as an online design tool, facilitating the creation of professional-grade infographics, presentations, charts, and reports, and team collaboration. Leveraging Visme AI Designer, users can transform textual prompts into designs efficiently. The platform offers over 30 widgets tailored to provided statistics and figures and is adaptable across numerous mediums like presentations and infographics. Additionally, Visme provides a comprehensive suite of more than 20 charts, graphs, and maps that cater to the demands of large datasets.


Infogram serves as an online tool for the creation of both interactive and static infographics and is considered to be a versatile data visualization tool for both formal and creative applications. The platform supports a range of visuals, including standard line charts, pie charts, bar charts, and more intricate options like word clouds and treemaps, and it offers a selection of over 35 chart options and 500 maps. Users can input data via copy-paste directly to the editor or by connecting to cloud services such as Google Drive, Dropbox, and OneDrive.

customer survey software


Infogram is an online tool for creating interactive or static infographics, with over 35 chart types and 500 maps. Line charts, pie charts, bar charts and more complex visuals such as word clouds and treemaps are supported. Data can be copied to the online editor or connect to cloud services…

These data visualisation research tools offer a range of features and unique features to enhance data interpretation and pattern identification. Whether you’re looking to create engaging infographics, detailed dashboards, or comprehensive survey reports, these tools can help simplify and streamline your data visualization process.

Take the time to explore each option and choose the one that aligns best with your research goals.


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