On-Demand Webinar: Insight Narrator

Accelerating Your Storytelling Skills


How to transform insight summaries into compelling narrative

Do you deliver insight and recommendations that stick, spread and drive decisions?

Or do your reports just sit on a server after you've debriefed a project?

The difference between the two is rarely about the quality of work. Much more often, it’s about how you communicate that work. Insight Narrator specialises in helping researchers and insight professionals create evidence-based stories.

Storytelling regularly features on the must-have list of skills for research and data professionals. Stakeholders demand it from their insight teams; clients need more of it from their agencies and partners.

Great visualisation and multimedia might add interest and variety – but it’s time consuming to produce. If you want to grab your audience’s attention and produce your story quickly, you need to put your best efforts into your executive summary.

This webinar will teach you how.

Watch this webinar and learn how to accelerate your storytelling skills:

  • Create Compelling Narratives: Discover the secret to compelling narrative in executive summaries
  • Structure your Story: Learn the anatomy of a great insight story
  • Write Engaging Copy: Get a practical framework to convert your narrative into engaging copy


Accelerating Your Storytelling Skills - Insight Platforms

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Caroline Florence - Founder, Insight Narrator

Caroline Florence Headshot - Insight Platforms

Since launching in 2012 Insight Narrator has helped thousands of professionals across insight, data, strategy, CX and marketing increase the impact of what they do.

Caroline is a thought leader in insight generation, storytelling and data communication, as well as using insight to drive decisions and action within organisations.

Caroline regularly runs sessions for the MRS, ESOMAR, DataIQ, CIM, Women in Data and Women in Research.

Prior to establishing Insight Narrator, Caroline spent 15 years working in market research, competitor intelligence and data analytics roles on the both the supplier and client side, including Masterfoods, Bass Retail and the Royal Mail Group, as well as Synovate and Incite.

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