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Can We Count on You? Assessing Reliability and Validity of Panels Around the World


Results from Maru/Blue's structured assessment of 30 survey panels in 14 countries

Your opinion can be valid, and your friends may be reliable. But in the world of sample, reliability and validity are the difference between research that informs and surveys that mislead.

Maru/Blue measured the test-retest reliability and criterion validity of 30 panels in 14 countries. The result is a 14-nation whirlwind tour of how research can go terribly wrong and how it can be refreshingly right.

The lessons learned along the way reveal a great deal about the nature of sample in a wide range of markets around the world.

  • Learn: Learn about the reliability and validity of (unnamed) sample sources
  • Anticipate: Find out the kinds of problems encountered and learn how you can avoid them
  • Understand: Understand how the source of a sample can determine if your results will be misleading
Can We Count on You Maru-Blue - Insight Platforms

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Rob Berger - Managing Director, Maru/Blue

Rob spearheads the development of high quality online panels for Maru Group.

He is also a Board Member of CRIC and the Chair of the board of SampleCon, a consortium of online sample/data firms, and he regularly leads research-on-research into online sampling techniques. He previously held leadership roles with Vision Critical and Ipsos.

Andrew Grenville - Chief Research Officer, Maru/Matchbox

Andrew is a 30-year research veteran, and has conducted extensive research-on-research into the respondent experience, survey simplification and sample quality.

He is the author of The Insights Revolution: Questioning Everything and Eureka! The Science and Art of Insights. Andrew has published numerous peer-reviewed journal articles in the areas of sociology, research methods and medicine.

Nathan Pereira - UK Business Development Director, Maru/Blue

Nathan Maru/Blue client relationships in the UK.

He has previously worked in research and growth roles for Norstat, Vision Critical, Medefield, Ipsos and GfK.

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