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Artificial Intelligence in UX research has come a long way. For years, qualitative researchers had to hand-code data from transcripts and manually generate reports from the large amount of data they collected.

Today, AI-powered tools like transcription, tagging, and translation are everywhere and can be used for free, automating some of the most time-consuming aspects of UX research. That said, where else could AI improve UX research quality and give researchers the time to focus on deeper and more meaningful analyses?

In this webinar, Jökull Snæbjarnarson and Dorota Harsbo, CTO and Lead UX Designer at Sonar, give a glimpse of current needs in the UX world and show us how AI is helping with quotes generation and pattern recognition in qualitative data analysis.


Sonar is a video-based user research app that makes it easy to talk to customers and share their feedback across the organisation.

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