On-Demand Webinar: Feeling Mutual

Beyond Zoom Groups: How to get more value from online and mobile qualitative research


Don't just move focus groups online. Do research that really maximises digital technology.

Want to build more online qualitative research skills? Watch Tom's online training course

What you'll learn:

  • Principles for Success: Learn 10 key principles to unlock better online qual research
  • Technology & Tools: See some of the best research platforms and methods in action
  • Designing & Running: Find out how to plan and manage projects more effectively

Uncover rich insights with online and mobile qualitative research

Beyond Zoom Groups Get More Value from Online Qual Research - Insight Platforms

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Tom Woodnutt - Founder, Feeling Mutual

Tom is the founder of Feeling Mutual, the insight & strategy collective that has been twice nominated for best independent consultancy by the UK's Market Research Society.

He is a leading expert in global, online and mobile qualitative research, and has conducted many studies around the world, for global brands and startup businesses.

He works with brands like Sony, the BBC and UEFA; as well as agencies like Droga5, AMV BBDO and VCCP.

Tom speaks regularly at industry conferences; has been published in the Financial Times, Research Live and Admap and he is a Silver award winner from the Admap 'Planning 3.0' competition on the future of brand and communications planning.

He delivers online and mobile qualitative training for research, digital and advertising agencies, and has been a digital skills tutor for the Association of Qualitative Research (AQR).

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