Communities Summit Replay: FlexMR

Convergence, Creativity and Collaboration: What's Next for Insight Communities?

Communities Summit 2020 - FlexMR

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The future is fast. Driven by rapid technological advancement, an engaged insight community can offer a treasure trove of quality data. But improved data collection means little if we don’t also become better at acting on it.

In this session, Paul and Katharine identify three ways in which insight communities are evolving to help researchers make better use of available data, and will highlight techniques for immersing decision makers in it.

After just half an hour, you’ll be equipped with a selection of easy-to-use strategies that will turn your insight community from a data collection platform into a core business asset.


Paul Hudson Headshot - Insight Platforms

Paul Hudson, 20|20 Research

An experienced insights leader with over 20 years of industry experience, Paul founded FlexMR to empower research teams across the globe and help brands inform every decision with actionable data.

An active member of industry bodies, Paul is fully engaged in understanding the challenges of market researchers and developing practical, innovative solutions.

Katharine Johnson Headshot - Insight Platforms

Dr Katharine Johnson, 20|20 Research

Katharine helps clients meet their strategic goals, achieve research success and get the maximum value out of their insight investments.

Drawing on a background that spans scientific research, technology and business, Katharine consults with client-side insight teams to help them realise the full potential of their online communities, panels and research platforms.

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