How to use mobile-first video to get more authentic, richer insights

Digital Qual Summit - Rival Reach3 - Insight Platforms

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Videos are an effective way of discovering the authentic thoughts and feelings of your customer. With videos, you can see people’s facial expressions, hear their tone of voice and watch their body language. But to maximize the value of video feedback, you can’t just rely on traditional research methods. Today, mobile devices have made it easy, seamless and necessary to have videos as part of your end-to-end market research process.

  • Join us in this fast-paced session to learn how to:
  • Leverage the power of mobile technology to get videos from hundreds of research participants in real-time
  • Capture quality videos that reveal richer context about the underlying motivations driving customer behaviours, routines and habits
  • Punctuate quant data with video to get the attention of your stakeholders and inspire action within the organisation.


Niamh Cunningham

Bala Rajan

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