10 Free Survey Tools for Market and User Research

Have you noticed how free survey tools have been gradually getting more stingy over the last few years? You used to be able to do surveys with thousands of people, but most of the better known free survey tools give you a maximum of 50 or 100 responses per survey.

Yes, we’re looking at you Surveymonkey, Surveygizmo and Typeform.

Actually, you can there are lots more – less well known – free survey tools who cap your allowance at 100 completes or fewer: surveymethods, surveynuts, enalyzer, supersimplesurvey, Eval & Go, popsurvey, survs, zoho surveys, Qpoint surveys.

What this article covers is ten of the less stingy free survey tools. All of them let you run surveys with at least 200 respondents; most allow you to do much larger sample sizes. They all have limitations on other factors – question types, analysis tools or customisation – but at least they will give you a decent sample size.

1.  Survmetrics

Survmetrics Logo Landscape - Insight Platforms

Survmetrics is a mobile-optimised free survey tool with 40+ question types, skip logic and piping, custom branding and design, and real-time reporting. Results can be exported to Excel or CSV, and the tool places strong emphasis on the visual design of surveys (see an example here).

The free account gets you a sub-set of question types (8), but includes full branding and style customisation, as well as unlimited surveys, questions and responses. You can send the survey by email, post a link online or even generate a QR code.

There are limitations on the survey settings: for example, you can’t password protect, display progress bars or set quotas. There is also no data export option – but you can analyse and chart responses online.



AYTM is an integrated market research platform for efficient and automated quantitative research. Helping to produce research results for some of the largest consumer brands in the world, the researcher-focused and user-friendly interface offers simplicity and sophistication side by side, as well as access to a huge pool of over 60 million consumers. Whether you’re a small business or a larger, corporate enterprise, AYTM has something to offer everyone requiring in-depth consumer feedback.

Using AYTM’s free survey tool, any researcher can conduct a large variety of standard survey types. Premium tiers add choice-based conjoint, max-diff and automated TURF, to name only a few options. As a comprehensive, fully integrated platform, the processes and results are available in real-time, guaranteeing reduced delivery times and faster access to actionable insights in hours, not days or weeks.

Whilst going pro with AYTM may cost a little more than some of their competitors, starting at $75 per user per month, the free package is worth it with unlimited surveys, real-time stats and 250 respondents per survey. If you do want to go pro, the first tier gets you 500 respondents per survey and more robust survey and reporting tools.

3. Segmanta

Segmanta Logo Landscape - Insight Platforms

Segmanta is not as well known as some of its competitors, but it is an intuitive platform that consolidates consumer insights into a sleek and simple analytics platform. It is the ideal tool if you need to drive more traffic to your surveys, conduct more research and optimise results. Built as a 21st-century platform with both the modern researcher and the modern consumer in mind, Segmanta offers not only a simple to use dashboard and user interface for the business end, but also visually exciting and unique surveys at the user end that encourage ongoing, higher user engagement.

As a researcher, Segmanta enables deep insights into the difficult questions and puts the power in your hands with a completely DIY platform that features an organised, interactive dashboard for instantly displaying the results you need. With customisation available across not only welcome and end pages, but also font choices, colours and background images, you can truly create a survey that represents your brand and does exactly what you need it to do.

As a consumer, the surveys are interesting and interactive and increase engagement, pushing up the all-important participation numbers. Get a better understanding of your consumer with Segmanta’s natural, data-driven smart analytics and user-friendly platform.

You can use Segmanta as a free survey tool in Trial Mode for as long as you need, available with all core and advanced features, or upgrade from $100 a month for additional features such as answer piping or embedding.

4. Survey Planet

Surveyplanet Logo Landscape - Insight Platforms

SurveyPlanet is a unique and established platform with powerful tools for creating a diverse range of different survey types. Ideal for small businesses or casual start-ups in need of fast yet insightful data, SurveyPlanet is efficient and effortless.

Very user-friendly, SurveyPlanet is the perfect free survey tool for anyone new to market research as it guides you through the entire process from designing the survey to sharing it and assessing the results. The platform is not lacking in features, however, so is also suitable for survey veterans wanting to use a minimalist and sleek user interface that makes it simple to create interesting and complex surveys that feature images and videos that drive higher user participation.

Whilst the researcher is limited in the number of question types, SurveyPlanet is still a great all-round, free tool that boasts embedding and unlimited questions, surveys and respondents. If you choose to go pro, you are also given the opportunity to share to a large number of social media platforms and even choose from a range of theme options to add character to your surveys. The free package is exceptionally good, but from $20 a month you’ll experience even more features, including question branching and exports to Excel.

5. Crowdsignal


If you’re in the market for a flexible and easy free survey tool, Crowdsignal is an excellent choice, with capabilities to collect data from a range of sources including desktop, mobile and social media platforms.

Crowdsignal offers not only survey building, but the ability to create polls too, and has an excellent free to use plan that rivals many others, with many features already included such as the option for survey users to upload their own files.

Whilst Crowdsignal is a perfect tool for functionality and simplicity, it is not the most modern of survey platforms and the free package misses a few key features such as templates or graphic additions that other competitors offer. It is ideal, however, for any client with a low budget looking for a great free platform, or a researcher looking to reach consumers fast with a quick and easy survey tool.

Going pro with Crowdsignal starts at $17 a month and removes all Crowdsignal branding and offers advanced reporting.

6. QuestionPro

QuestionPro Logo Landscape - Insight Platforms

QuestionPro is an advanced, comprehensive and powerful survey tool that has provided its software to small businesses, individual researchers and FTSE 100 companies alike. As well as 24-hour customer support, it also offers completely customisable surveys and in-depth analysis tools.

The user-friendly interface features easy to use start-to-finish software that helps survey creation from the beginning to distribution and result analysis. Surveys, polls and quizzes, with more than 30 question types available, can be built from scratch or formed from any number of pre-existing, attractive templates that allow for the addition of images, videos and various other media. There is also the opportunity to embed surveys and further integrate with social media, including sites such as LinkedIn and Facebook. If that wasn’t enough, QuestionPro also offers a unique opportunity for integrated pop-ups and the ability to communicate with respondents via email post-survey completion.

With a free package that boasts skip logic branching and shareable dashboard reports, QuestionPro offers one of the most diverse free survey tools available and consistently achieves deep insight to the toughest business questions. To get more from QuestionPro, you can start the advanced package from $85 a month and enjoy more than 35 question types and multilingual surveys.

7. SoGoSurvey

SoGoSurvey Logo Landscape - Insight Platforms

SoGoSurvey offers an exceptional free plan with sophisticated analysis tools, customer support and a full range of tools from end-to-end survey design, consumer delivery and in-depth analysis.

There is a huge variety of functions and tools available, so much so that researchers should not need to outsource work for anything survey-based. Everything needed is available at the SoGoSurvey site itself, including access to unlimited surveys and unlimited questions (with 24 unique question types), up to 200 respondents, data exporting and embedding into both web pages and emails. And that’s what can be achieved on the free plan!

SoGoSurvey is a great choice if you’re looking for a feature-heavy and well-supported, free survey tool that is simple to use and strongly rivals the best competitors in user interface and in free offerings. You can upgrade for $25 a month and add your own logo to surveys and export all data to Excel.

8. eSurveysPro

eSurveysPro Logo Landscape - Insight Platforms

eSurveysPro.com is a simple survey platform for students, start-ups and small businesses. It’s an all-in-one, user-friendly survey builder for fast and detailed results.

The survey editor at eSurveysPro guides and aids the creation and design of your surveys from beginning to end and offers 18 different question types. There is also the ability to manage the survey flow too. Every custom survey can be as simple or complex as you choose and be easily distributed to participants by email invitation or linking to the survey from any website. Respondent results and analysis can be viewed in real-time on in-depth and organised reports that can even be exported to Excel if you prefer to work offline.

eSurveysPro is not the most comprehensive of these free survey tools, but it’s an uncomplicated platform that deploys your survey with little fuss and creates straightforward reports for basic business insights. The free package has everything you need, including professional online reports, but if you’re looking for extra features, paid plans start at $100 a year and get SSL encryption and the ability to print reports to PDF.

9. SurveyHero

SurveyHero Logo Landscape - Insight Platforms

SurveyHero, as its namesake suggests, is pitched to students, social influences, event managers and HR teams – perfect for quick surveys for simple research or employee feedback.

SurveyHero is an extremely capable free survey tool that offers a comprehensive range of tools to build surveys for feedback. The user interface is not cluttered, there is flexibility in design and it is an overall smooth experience from start to finish. SurveyHero especially benefits from the ability to include conditional questions that feedback to previous answers given on the survey to encourage even more detailed results and analysis. SurveyHero’s customer support also gets good feedback.

You can get unlimited surveys in the free package, or upgrade from $25 a month and use your own branding and export to PDF.

10. Feedier

Feedier Logo Landscape - Insight Platforms

Feedier is used for engaging and gamified feedback surveys. It drives up participation in research with interactive and enjoyable surveys that keep users occupied. The opportunity to build customised reward programs with Feedier also allows for better incentives and drives traffic and survey participation.

Feedier boasts access to a wide range of distribution channels including social media, your product app and email, and respondents can even share their feedback both publicly and privately whilst you can engage with them one-on-one after completion.

Feedier is a unique and sophisticated gamified feedback service that utilises the best tools to get you the best possible insights, even in the free package. From $49 a month, you can go pro and use the advanced features, including a dedicated feedback manager, 40 forms and 40 segments.

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