Insight Platforms Matchmaking Event

Curated meetings between buyers & vendors of research tech solutions

Invitation-Only Virtual Event | November 2024


Insight Platforms Matchmaking is an invitation-only virtual event to facilitate meetings between buyers of research, insights and analytics tools, and research tech vendors.

Meetings will take place over two days in November 2024. One day will cover working hours in EMEA timezones; the other will be for timezones in the Americas region.

Apply for an invitation using the form below and we’ll be in touch to discuss your eligibility.

Event Format

The matchmaking events will take place in our virtual conference platform. The day will feature 12 meeting slots, split between morning and afternoon sessions; there will also be a one hour break for lunch.

Meetings will be scheduled for 20 minutes (plus a 10 minute buffer between slots) and take place in virtual meeting rooms similar to Zoom or MS Teams.

Vendors will also be able to showcase their offer in a virtual booth with downloadable materials, links to external content and a lightning demo video (up to 10 mins).

Matchmaking Process

Step 1: Buyers establish their needs

From June 2024

Buyers take part in a 30-minute interview with a member of the Insight Platforms team.

During this session, we will learn your priorities, establish your requirements and rate your interest in different categories of research tech solutions.

Step 2: Vendors submit meeting requests

From July 2024

Vendors offering solutions that meet the needs of participating buyers will be identified and screened.

Those who opt to take part will review the buyer organisations, attendee roles and interest areas. Vendors will then score their interest in meeting with each buyer.

Step 3: Buyers rate the appeal of each vendor

From August 2024

Buyers review the list of participating vendors and assign a score to each company based on their relevance and interest in meeting.

Step 4: We finalise matches and schedule meetings

From September 2024

The Insight Platforms team will collate all ratings and feedback to schedule meetings for the live event. Matches will be prioritised based on strength of mutual interest. Each participating buyer and vendor will have a minimum of 4 and a maximum of 12 meetings scheduled for their organisation.


This event take place online over two days in November 2024 (exact date TBC). One day will be for participants based in EMEA timezones; the other will suit the Americas region.

This event is for research & insights buyers to meet with relevant technology and solution vendors.

The event is invitation only. If you would like to apply for an invitation please read these requirements first:

Buyers: you must work in-house and have budget responsibility for one of the following areas: market research, customer / consumer insights, UX research, customer experience, data analytics, innovation. Your annual budget for third party suppliers must be at least $1,000,000.

Vendors: you must work for a supplier of technology-based research solutions. You do not need to be a pure-play SaaS / technology company; you may be a data provider, research agency or consultancy with a tech-based offering.

Buyers: there will be no financial cost to join this matchmaking event. However, your participation will be subject to a contractual commitment to attend all meetings scheduled for your company (between 4 and 12 meetings according to your agreed schedule). You are free to assign different team members to each meeting based on availability and / or expertise.

Vendors: your costs to participate will be agreed individually and depend on the number of meetings scheduled for your company. You will not be required to commit any budget prior to seeing the list of participating buyer companies and job titles.

Buyers: you must nominate at least two team members for the event, of which at least one must join each of your scheduled meetings (up to 12). There is no upper limit on attendees; you are free to nominate additional colleagues if appropriate.

Vendors: there are no limits on the number of team members who can participate. You are free to field the most relevant team members for each meeting. We suggest you include no more than 2 people in each individual 20 minute meeting.

Apply for an Invitation

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