Glossary of Terms


The following Glossary of Terms (the “Glossary”) may be updated at any time at our discretion and incorporates definitions for all capitalized terms used in our General Vendor Terms and Content Guidelines.


Basic Listing: A free-of-charge Listing in the Directory that may be created by us from publicly available content or submitted by Vendor.

Category: Sub-group of software, data products or services in the Directory. A full list is available online here.

Content: Includes Our Content, User Content, Partner Content and Vendor Content.

Content Guidelines: Rules that govern the posting of Content, including Listings in our Directory, Promoted articles and Case Studies. Up to date Guidelines are posted online here.

Content Partner: Third Party contributing content for publication on our Sites on a non-commercial basis. Includes without limitation analysts, researchers, consultants, writers, agencies.

Contract Date: The date of contract signature.

Directory: Searchable and categorised list containing all Basic, Enhanced and Featured Listings of software, data product and service Vendors.

Editorial Reviews: Articles published on our Sites by us or our Partners containing opinions about a Vendor’s software, data product or services.

Startup Listing: A paid Directory Listing submitted and maintained by Vendor.

Featured Listing: A paid Directory Listing submitted and maintained by Vendor.

Information: Personal information that may include first and last names, job titles, telephone numbers, postal/email addresses, billing information and social media profile information.

Initial Term: The first period of a Subscription contract, normally twelve (12) months.

Lead Capture Form: An enquiry form in a Startup or Featured Directory Listing through which Users submit enquiries directly to Vendor.

Listing: Profiles of Vendor software, data products or services including without limitation Vendor names, descriptions, Categories, logos, product names, screenshots, website links.

Our Content: All Sites, tools, templates, articles, e-books, videos, webinars, courses and related proprietary materials developed and owned by us.

Partner Content: Any information, including without limitation Blog articles and related content and materials, which is submitted to our Sites by a Content Partner.

Product Information: Collectively includes without limitation: descriptions, screenshots and other images of software, data or services and any other product-related information contained in Directory Listings.

Promoted Article: Articles drafted and submitted by Vendors for publishing on the Sites; a form of Sponsored Content.

Proposal: Document that forms the contractual basis of an individual Vendor’s agreement for paid Listings or Sponsored Content.

Renewal Term: Second and subsequent periods of a Subscription contract, normally twelve (12) months.

Services: Collectively includes, without limitation, all of our proprietary products and services, including applications and tools, which are accessible via our Sites, both for Users and for Vendors.

Site(s): Also known as Websites, any property (website or landing page) owned or licensed by us, our Partners or authorized Third Party to provide the Services hereunder.

Sponsored Content: Content provided by Vendors and published on our Sites that includes without limitation blog articles, reports, white papers, case studies, infographics, product profiles.

Subscription: Contract for paid Listings.

Subscription Period: The duration of a paid Listing contract. Standard Subscription length is twelve (12) months and applies to Initial Terms and Renewal Terms.

Third Party: Any third party with which we cooperate to deploy the Services, including without limitation: Content Partners and service providers.

User: A user of our Sites, whether or not registered, who accesses and uses our Services or submits content, such as reviews in accordance with our General User Terms. Users may include, without limitation, potential buyers of software, data or services; customers; vendors; industry insiders; or media relations.

User Content: Any information, including without limitation User Reviews and related content and materials, which is submitted to our Sites by a User.

User Reviews: Any user-submitted content conveying an opinion about a vendor’s product and/or service that may contain both quantitative ratings as well as qualitative text.

Vendor: A software, data product or services vendor that is listed on our Sites.

Vendor Content: content provided to us by Vendor in connection with our Services, including without limitation: updates to Listings, logos, screenshots, articles, reports and blog posts.

Virtual Summit: An internet-based conference that may be free or paid that includes, without limitation: webinar presentations from multiple speakers and downloadable content.

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