How Generative AI Will Remake Research & Insights

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Generative AI technologies have the potential to revolutionise the research and insights industry.

AI-generated content can be used to quickly create visuals and generate text.

AI writers such as Writesonic and CopyAI can be used to create website copy, blog posts, and other marketing materials.

AI search engines like ChatGPT and YouChat are also being used to provide more accurate and efficient online search results.

And new tools such as OpenAI’s Point-E even allow users to create 3D images from text prompts.

For researchers, Generative AI will reduce time and effort on process tasks, enhance existing research methods and open up new ways to generate deeper and more accurate insights.

Watch this session about Generative AI in the research and insights industry to:

  • Learn the fundamentals, key features and use cases in an introductory presentation from Mike Stevens, founder of Insight Platforms
  • Hear leading tech founders and consultants Kathy Cheng, Alex Orap and David Boyle as they discuss the potential for Generative AI.

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Alex Orap

Alex is the Founder of YouScan, and a tech entrepreneur with a successful track record in enterprise SaaS, consumer internet, business intelligence, and telecom industries.
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