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It’s probably the AI technology with the longest history of applications in the insights industry. Every researcher has probably heard of it by now. Yet the vast differences of the various flavours of sentiment analysis are understood by very few.

Do you know what the difference is between global or entity level sentiment detection? Should you use a continuous, numerical scale or a categorical one?

How can you measure other emotions, like anger or frustration, and is that even a good idea? How about irony?And how are these systems implemented, now vs 10 years ago – did machine learning solve the problem once and for all?

In this on-demand webinar, Caplena CEO Maurice Gonzenbach examines the methodology from all sides, exhibiting practical examples and sharing our learnings of the last years. Even if you have worked with sentiment analysis before, chances are good you will pick up some valuable insight-nuggets for your next project.

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Caplena analyses text from reviews, open-ended survey questions and other sources to identify topics and auto-tag entire datasets in minutes.

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