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Imagine you are sitting at your computer surrounded by files containing vast amounts of free text verbatims, visual stimulus uploaded on bulletin boards, responses from quick polls from online communities, code frames, transcripts, audio file and sentiment analysis.

Now imagine your client or stakeholder is expecting a short, pithy, actionable deck of charts focused on the key story from the data.

Where do you begin to get to a clear and compelling story from all this data?

This session is here to help you conquer your data mountain and get to the summit as quickly and effectively as possible.

Over the course of the session Caroline will share practical hints and tips, as well as some tried and tested story short cuts.

You will learn:

- How to keep your focus on the summit, even when you are still stuck in base camp
- How to use your story peaks to keep you on the right path and provide a clear route for your audience to follow
- How to avoid the data crevices that keep us trapped and what to do if we get stuck.


Caroline Florence

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