Top Tools: Survey Research

Top Tools: Survey Research

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Survey research is a long-established method for gathering quantitative or qualitative information that can be analysed to help make informed decisions. But these days, there are so many options for running surveys, where do you even start?!

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This is a list of some of the top tools for conducting survey research. Each software tool has its own strengths, and there is no implied hierarchy in the order. Here’s you will find options for …

Agile survey research: all-in-one solutions that are easy to learn, integrated with survey panels and deliver results quickly.

Full suite surveys: platforms that cater to advanced research designs, multi-modal data collection or integration with other systems.

Innovation testing: platforms designed to gather structured, comparable feedback on new product or advertising ideas.

Specialist survey designs: including forms, mobile chat surveys and conversational AI feedback.

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Here are some of the top tools for your survey research:


QuestionPro is a flexible tool for survey creation and distribution. With features like advanced reporting and real-time analytics, it allows users to design and distribute surveys while also providing advanced functionalities for real-time analytics. QuestionPro offers users a variety of premade templates for segments like customer satisfaction, service evaluation, and product launching to be adjusted or used for inspiration in survey building.


AYTM is a consumer insights platform that helps users connect with verified audiences and facilitates automated research tests and analysis. The platform features a predictive sample engine that allows precise audience segmentation and a user-friendly survey authoring tool that promotes collaboration among teams. AYTM’s survey tool brings together quantitative and qualitative survey question types, advanced research tests, and powerful survey logic within an agile survey editor. This platform is great for online collaboration, with features that allow users to share surveys with team members for commenting and editing.


aytm is a fully integrated agile consumer insights platform with verified audiences, automated research tests, and advanced analysis tools.

Forsta Surveys

Forsta Surveys is an online survey and reporting solution for insights professionals who need to execute sophisticated quantitative research. The tool helps researchers decipher market trends, consumer preferences, and competitive landscapes. Simultaneously, it serves as a human experience platform, delving into the intricacies of customer interactions, feedback, and satisfaction.


Fastuna is an automated research platform that helps businesses validate product and marketing decisions with real people. Their ready-to-run solutions allow researchers, product managers, and marketers to test ideas, names, logos, designs, prices, and user experience elements. Fastuna aims to speed up the product innovation cycle, increase the success rate of product launches, and automate routine research tasks.


Pollfish is a DIY market research platform offering a mobile-first solution. With a broad distribution network and narrow targeting options, the tool aims to help researchers find the right audience for their studies. Pollfish offers various techniques including A/B testing, templates, and advanced questionnaire logic. Pollfish uses AI to generate surveys from a chat prompt.


SurveyMonkey is a market research company that offers a flexible platform for capturing market needs, industry trends, and buyer feedback. The tool supports various research needs, such as product development, idea screening, ad testing, and pricing research. SurveyMoney offers customizable surveys, statistical analysis tools, and AI-powered insights. The tool also provides a global panel to reach target audiences.


Toluna combines survey capabilities with a community-centric approach. Toluna Start is an end-to-end consumer intelligence platform that allows users to run quant and qual research, and access automated insights solutions like survey design and reporting dashboards. The platform not only facilitates traditional data collection but also encourages ongoing interactions, creating a continuous feedback loop.


Glow is an on-demand research platform offering brand health tracking, category usage, and attitude studies, due diligence assessments, concept testing, and advertising/marketing campaign effectiveness studies among others. The tool provides real-time data visualization and supports both simple and complex research needs in any market.


Glow is an on-demand research platform for rapid decisions with access to over 100 million consumers and 6 million businesses worldwide, plus a team of experts when you need them.

Response: AI

Response:AI is an integrated platform offering automated questionnaire design, fieldwork, data tabulation, and reporting services. The tool offers a range of services including product and service testing, brand equity and image analysis, market and consumer analysis, and ad development and testing. ResponseAI uses AI for insights and report generation and allows white-labeling for research and reporting.


OnePulse is a digital platform designed that provides instant feedback from audiences. It is described as an easy-to-use solution for gathering real-time, real-audience feedback using three question micro-surveys, or ‘pulses’ . The platform includes a range of AI tools and features for survey design, analysis and reporting that facilitate rapid decision-making with immediate insights from relevant audiences.


Alchemer (formerly SurveyGizmo) is a survey platform with more than 40 built-in question types, branching & skip logic and tools for creating and customizing advanced reports and cross tabs. The tool supports complex research methodologies like conjoint and MaxDiff.


Askia is a survey research tool with a suite of apps for survey needs, including face-to-face, telephone, web, and mobile interviewing. They offer a platform called askiadesign for creating surveys, askiafield for collecting data, and askiaanalysis for analyzing and reporting on survey results. Askia allows researchers to delve into data insights and adapt to various research scenarios like questionnaire design and in-depth data analysis and data visualization.


Askia builds survey and reporting technology to help understand and predict human behaviour. It is the technology partner of choice for visionary market research agencies.


Qualtrics is a survey research and customer experience feedback platform. The tool offers modules for brand, product, employee, and customer experience feedback management, as well as the CoreXM survey software: XM for Customer Frontlines, XM for People Teams, and XM for Strategy & Research helping businesses improve customer experiences, engage teams, make informed decisions, and design products.


Voxco is a multi-channel survey software with a unified solution for phone surveys, mobile surveys, personal interviewing, web surveys, and IVR systems. The tool allows users to run field surveys, analyze survey data with visual dashboards, manage high-volume phone surveys, and nurture a loyal community of respondents. Voxco also offers additional services such as predictive analytics, customer loyalty management, and fraud & risk management.

UX insight software


Voxco provides multi-channel survey software with for phone surveys, mobile surveys, personal interviewing, web surveys, and IVR systems


SightX is a market research platform that delivers real-time consumer insights using automation, integration with sample providers and a range of advanced research tools including built-in Conjoint and MaxDiff, text and sentiment analysis, customer persona creation and audience segmentation.


Cambri is a product development platform designed for innovators. By using AI and iterative testing, Cambri helps businesses improve their new product development process. They offer automated tests and data collection, as well as AI-powered insights and recommendations to improve concepts and predict potential launch rate success.


Zappi is an automated consumer insights platform that utilizes advanced automation capabilities to reduce the time and effort required for survey research. The platform aims to enable researchers to focus on interpreting results and deriving actionable insights, leveraging technology to create a streamlined research experience.


Zappi is an automated consumer insights platform for testing concepts, products, packaging, communications and advertising creative.


Upsiide is a survey tool designed to help companies screen and test their innovation ideas, including products, services, communication, features, and designs. Upsiide offers methodologies specifically built for innovation testing, predictive in-market potential measurement, and data modeling for strategic opportunities. The platform allows users to choose a study template, target the right audience, launch their study, and uncover insights through reporting dashboards.


inca is Nexxt Intelligence’s flagship product – an end-to-end Conversational AI Insight Platform that allows for flexible usage options, including a self-service DIY platform, customized solutions for specific research needs, and full-service research services. The tool also offers the inca SmartProbe API, which integrates conversational AI probing into existing survey platforms, and the inca AI Coding tool, which simplifies the process of labeling and analyzing open-ended responses.


inca is a qualitative-first insight platform to understand consumers in-depth and at-scale through conversation and custom NLP.


quantilope offers an end-to-end platform that automates both quantitative and qualitative research methodologies. The platform is designed to provide actionable insights and a comprehensive understanding of consumer behaviour, and has specialist capabilities in consumer innovation, advertising measurement and brand tracking.

Kantar Marketplace

Kantar Marketplace is an automated market research platform featuring a range of survey and AI-based consumer insights tools. With a broad range of global capabilities, the tool aims to unlock insights through verified audiences, sales and brand growth predictions, self-serve dashboards, and expert consulting.

Rival Technologies

Rival Tech is a company that provides a mobile-first, conversational research platform. They offer solutions for engaging customers, understanding their insights, optimizing research processes, and inspiring research across the enterprise. Rival’s platform allows users to capture ongoing and authentic insights from mobile-first consumers. They offer various market research solutions, including community research, agile research, Gen Z research, and brand experience measurement.


Suzy is an end-to-end consumer insights platform that integrates AI-powered quant, qual, and high-quality audiences into a single connected research cloud. The tool provides features like easy-to-follow surveys, expert-approved templates, analytics, and reporting capabilities, as well as advanced actions such as monadic testing.


Suzy is an audience management platform that combines research tools with an on-demand network of screened and verified consumers.


Crowdtech specializes in advanced technology for market research and leverages crowdsourcing to gather diverse opinions efficiently. The platform uses a community-driven approach to ensure that surveys collect data from a wide range of perspectives. The platform offers a toolkit for both qualitative and quantitative online research while maintaining an emphasis on safety and privacy.

Crowdtech’s survey technology focuses on developing mobile-friendly and visually appealing online surveys tailored for short-term quantitative market research.


Attest is a consumer research platform built for simplicity and speed in gathering insights. It is designed to be user-friendly for both beginners and experienced insights professionals, helping them achieve their research goals more efficiently. The platform offers an intuitive interface, expert-written survey templates, and pre-set audiences to facilitate quick survey setup. Attest promises fast results, typically delivered within hours, and features an interactive results dashboard for in-depth data analysis.


Attest is a consumer research platform that makes it simple and fast to access your target customers and uncover opportunity with consumer data, continuously, at global scale.


Typeform is an online software specializing in online form building and online surveys. Their forms are very visual and ask one question at a time. Typeform allows users to embed forms in various platforms, ask follow-up questions to reveal deeper insights and provide ready-made templates for different purposes.


Tally is one of the top tools for form-based survey research. It features an intuitive form builder that allows users to create professional forms and surveys without the need to code. Tally offers unlimited forms and submissions for free and prioritizes data privacy and security. The tool offers features like conditional logic, calculator, and customizable design and users can share forms through embedding, pop-ups, and custom domains, and connect with favorite tools through various integrations.

Survey research serves as a cornerstone for businesses aiming to understand their audiences.  Whether it’s getting a feel for consumer preferences, gauging employee satisfaction, or informing strategic business decisions, survey research platforms play a pivotal role in gaining actionable intelligence to make better decisions.

Understanding the strengths and unique features of the top tools for survey research will help you make the right choice for your specific needs, ensuring the seamless collection and analysis of data that drives informed decision-making.


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