The Top Automated Advertising Testing Platforms

This is a collection of some of the top automated advertising testing platforms for research.

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Advertising testing is a way of predicting the likely success of an advert or campaign, often before it is live (although not always), by reviewing whether it will meet objectives among the target audience.

Dependent on the method, it can also provide valuable feedback on anything that may need to be tweaked or improved to ensure the best impact. Additionally, if the ad or campaign performs well, it provides much needed confidence in the creative direction.

To read more about advertising testing and the different methods, read our introduction; What is Advertising Testing?

While there are many full service agencies that offer advertising testing, there are now numerous options for the automated, DIY approach. Some platforms have pre-set templates, others are more customisable, and others are mobile only.

Here are the top platforms available for automated advertising testing.

Templated Solutions

Kantar Marketplace

Kantar Marketplace Logo - Insight Platforms

Kantar Marketplace is an automated market research platform designed for insights professionals, marketers and agencies.

Ad testing and development is offered as part of a range of products. Users can evaluate TV, digital, print and outdoor advertising with their agile solution. Options include ad screening, ad optimisation, live ad testing for in market ads, and ad spend optimisation.

Projects can be turned around in as little as 6 hours, performance can be benchmarked, and results can be viewed in a single dashboard or be exported in a shareable .ppt format.

Solutions are available as automated, self-serve or serviced. The platform is available in 60+ markets worldwide.

Kantar Marketplace Screenshot - Insight Platforms


Zappi Logo - Insight Platforms

Zappi is an ad and innovation testing platform that offers automated products.

The platform has a range of ad testing tools specializing in creatives for TV, audio, static, and digital, that support the full creative cycle from ideation, execution and in-market tracking.

Get context for analysing your scores by benchmarking against norms within your specified country, industry, and stage of development, or build your custom benchmarks from the database.

The platform has a reporting suite that helps get to deeper insights through analytics features and centralised data. The technology also learns the way your experts interpret data, allowing for scaled expertise globally.

The platform is available a range of countries, dependent on the solution.

Click here to see a demo from Zappi.

Zappi Screenshot - Insight Platforms


SurveyMonkey Logo - Insight Platforms

SurveyMonkey Market Research Solutions is an on-demand market research platform.

It offers flexible studies for ad testing to get feedback on ads, webpages, and other collateral. Studies can be customised using built-in methodologies, be launched to your target audience, and presentation-ready reports received automatically.

The integrated SurveyMonkey Audience panel that provides instant access to 80+ million respondents worldwide. The platform offers AI-powered insights to analyse open-ended responses, benchmarking, industry-standard monadic approach and research services like survey design, translations, and reporting.

Click here to see a demo from SurveyMonkey.

SurveyMonkey Screenshot - Insight Platforms


Methodify Logo - Insight Platforms

Methodify is an automated platform for gathering and sharing consumer research data.

Projects can be set up in minutes, and insights gained in a few hours, with results displayed in real-times.

It offers ready-to-go ad tests, or you can build your own survey from scratch. The platform features interactive reporting, which stores your research in one place, filters data by demographic, and allows you to create and save custom reports and export to PDF or PowerPoint. It also offers data analysis with cross tabulation, significance testing and export to XLS.

The platform also offers innovative technologies like video responses, chatbot-based virtual interviewer, text analytics and theme coding, and emotional response prediction.

Click here to see a demo from Methodify.

Methodify Screenshot - Insight Platforms


quantilope Logo Square - Insight Platforms

quantilope is an end-to-end, agile insights platform with a range of research methodologies, including ad testing.

The platform offers tools to answer questions from ideation through development, launch, and the tracking of your ads. It maps the entire market research process from the research question to the questionnaire design, professional panel management, in-depth analysis, and data visualisation.

You have the option to customise how your survey is displayed to participants, including fonts, colours, buttons, and background images. Insights dashboards can also be customised to your corporate design.

Average project results delivered in 1 – 3 business days.

Click here to see a demo from quantilope.

quantilope Screenshot - Insight Platforms


Ipsos Logo - Insight Platforms

Ipsos.Digital is the automated survey research platform from Ipsos, the global research agency.

It includes branded survey solutions for creative evaluation (Creative|Spark) that helps advertisers and agencies to quickly evaluate and optimise creatives.

Once the fieldwork has ended, you will receive an email that notifies you when the online dashboard is available. The dashboard features a range of analysis, such as emotional responses, retained branded recognition, the impact the ad has on choice and more.

The tool is available in 18 markets.

Ipsos.Digital Screenshot - Insight Platforms


Toluna Logo

Toluna Start is an end-to-end consumer intelligence platform that offers a range of automated quantitative and qualitative research solutions, including a communications pre-test product.

The platform automates your approach to communications pre-testing. If offers best practice research quality coupled with instant access to your target audience and real-time reporting.

It allows you to test messaging in the pre-production phase, right through to finished creatives. The platform supports all forms of advertising; video, static images, text or audio for digital, social, TV, print and outdoor mediums – branded or non branded. Up to 5 ads can be tested in each study.

Key features include heat mapping, timed exposure, text highlighter, and shelf testing.

Click here to see a demo from Toluna.

Toluna Start Screenshot - Insight Platforms

Pop Research

PopResearch Logo - Insight Platforms

Pop Research is an automated research platform from Dynata for testing and tracking advertising.

They offer a range of standardised research tools for different needs, such as measuring the response of different consumer groups, gauging the appeal of a creative idea or execution, measuring brand and ad performance over time.

Pop Research utilises AI, Machine Learning, and Meta Data to ensure your research is relevant to you and your target audience, and to help you mine data insights.

Studies can be set up within 15 mins, results received in 24 hours and are customisable. Results are automated, and users can share graphic presentations of your results with colleagues & clients with a single click of the mouse.

Pop Research Screenshot - Insight Platforms


Fastuna logo - Insight Platforms

Fastuna is an automated survey research tool for validating creative materials and ads.

Projects can be set up easily in minutes, and feedback is received within 24 hours. Reports feature quantitative scores (‘what’s’) as well as qualitative comments from your consumers (‘why’s’).

Users have access to ‘industry average’ benchmarks at no additional cost.

Fastuna Screenshot - Insight Platforms

Customised Solutions


zinklar user analytics

Zinklar is an automated research platform for creating custom surveys.

Studies can be set up simply, by selecting target audience and designing the survey using the online editor (which also features guides and templates).

Insights can analysed in real time, and the platform can combine external and internal data for a complete view of the consumer (Market Research) and your database (CRM). API integrations are also available.

zinklar analytics solutions


response: AI logo - Insight Platforms

Response:AI is an automated end-to-end research platform.

The platform automates tasks like questionnaire design and fieldwork, and uses proprietary AI technology for insights and report generation. It allows you to test TV, digital, print, outdoor, or any other type of advertisement at any stage of the development process with their customisable ad testing product.

The platform can be white-labeled and serve as your research and reporting engine. Alternatively, they have a team of market researchers who can work with you to produce reports.

Click here to see a demo from Response:AI.

Response:AI - Insight Platforms


Glow logo - Insight Platforms

Glow is an agile survey research platform that lets users design studies from scratch or from a range of best practice templates.

It streamlines online research via a cloud-based platform, letting you measure and extract quick turnaround insights for ad concept testing.

The platform allows you to field your studies either through their online panel or using your own CRM and social media channels.

The online dashboard is easy to use, and offers built-in analysis tools to give you real-time access to data. Reports are shareable, with built-in preset filters to guide stakeholders through the story.

Click here to see a demo from Glow.

Glow Screenshot - Insight Platforms


Attest Logo Square - Insight Platforms

Attest is an end-to-end survey platform that allows you to draft you own survey questions or access their survey templates, including creative testing.

It offers built-in demographic breakdowns, 7 different question types, and respondent recruitment in one platform.

Insights are accessible in real time in the results dashboard, that offers a range of features to analyse your data, alongside exportable PowerPoint reports.

Click here to read the ebook from Attest; The Guide to Self Service Research.

Attest Screenshot - Insight Platforms

Mobile Only Solutions


Upsiide Logo - Insight Platforms

Upsiide is an online survey platform for testing ideas using a Tinder-like mobile interface (swipe right to like / left to dislike).

It can be used to test consumer reactions to products, services, logos, packaging designs, ads, claims and more.

Surveys complete within hours; automated analytics are powered by AI; results are published to online dashboards; category performance benchmarks are also available.

Click here to see a demo from Upsiide.

Upsiide Screenshot - Insight Platforms


OnePulse logo - Insight Platforms

OnePulse is an agile, mobile only opinion platform.

It uses micro-surveys (Pulses) to get instant access to what people think, and can be used to inform advertising development.

OnePulse mobile app users around the world can be targeted using over 60 pre-profiled behavioural and attitudinal data points. Both images and videos can be tested using 8 different question types, including open-ended questions.

Results appear in seconds, and answers can be filtered by data point. Respondents can be immediately re-targeted with additional questions. Average completion time to a generally targeted Pulse of 500 responses is less than 15 minutes.

OnePulse offers plans to fit any size business, from pay-as-you-go to cost-effective unlimited-use plans.

Click here to see a demo from OnePulse.

OnePulse Screenshot - Insight Platforms

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