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Social Media Polling

The use of polls on social media platforms to gather public opinion, preferences, or to conduct market research quickly and on a large scale.

Social Media Recruitment

The process of identifying and engaging with potential research participants or job candidates through social media channels.

Social Media Sampling

The technique of collecting samples from social media users to conduct research on their behaviors, opinions, or demographic information.


Sports Research investigates various aspects of the sports industry, including athlete performance analytics, sports psychology, fan engagement trends, and the economic impact of sports events and franchises.

Statistical Analysis

The application of statistical methods to collect, review, analyze, and draw conclusions from data, often used in market research to identify trends and patterns.

Statistics and Data Science

Software and services that specialize in statistical analysis and data science. These tools are used for processing and interpreting complex datasets, predictive modeling, and advanced analytics in various fields including market research and customer analytics.

Street/Mall Interviews

The method of conducting interviews with individuals in public places such as streets or shopping malls to gather immediate and on-site consumer insights.

Survey Analysis

Software and tools specifically designed for analyzing survey data. These tools offer functionalities like data visualization, statistical analysis, and trend identification, enabling researchers to extract meaningful insights from survey responses.

Survey Data Centralisation

The process of consolidating survey data from various sources into a central repository for ease of access, analysis, and reporting.

Survey Gamification

The application of game-design elements and game principles in surveys to increase engagement, improve data quality, and enhance participant experience.

Survey Panels

Platforms that maintain a pool of respondents who have agreed to participate in market research surveys. These panels are used to quickly and efficiently gather data from specific demographic groups, providing valuable insights for market research.

Survey Research

Survey Research comprises software and methodologies for designing, distributing, and analyzing surveys to gather quantitative and qualitative data from specific populations.

Survey Software

Tools designed for creating, distributing, and analyzing surveys. Essential for market research, these software solutions offer features like customizable questionnaires, multi-channel distribution, and data analysis capabilities.

Survey Writing (Authoring)

The process of creating and constructing surveys, focusing on question formulation, structure, and design to ensure clarity and effectiveness in data collection.

Syndicated Reports

Pre-packaged industry-specific reports available for purchase that provide market insights, trends, and analytics based on aggregated data from multiple sources.

Syndicated Research

Research conducted by a firm that collects data on a regular basis and sells access to the findings, often used by multiple clients interested in the same market information.

Synthetic Respondents

Synthetic Respondents are artificial entities created using algorithms to simulate human respondents in research studies, providing data without requiring real user participation.

System 1 Research

A research approach focused on understanding fast, automatic, and intuitive judgments and decisions, as described in Daniel Kahneman’s dual-process theory of the mind.

Tabulation & Analysis

The process of organizing data into tables that makes it easier to understand and analyze, often involving statistical analysis to interpret the data.


This category covers the exploration of new technologies, market trends in the tech industry, innovation impacts, and consumer adoption of technology. It also includes research into technological advancements and their societal implications.


Telecoms Research focuses on telecommunications industry trends, including mobile and broadband services, network infrastructure, regulatory impacts, and consumer usage patterns.

Telephone Interviewing

A data collection method where researchers conduct surveys or interviews over the phone to gather information from respondents.

Text Analytics

Software that specializes in analyzing large volumes of unstructured text data. Used in market research and customer feedback analysis, these tools can perform sentiment analysis, trend detection, and thematic categorization.

Text Surveys

Surveys conducted via text messages, allowing for quick and accessible data collection from participants through their mobile devices.


Tobacco Research encompasses the study of tobacco use patterns, health effects, industry regulations, and market trends, as well as public health campaigns and smoking cessation programs.

Touch Analytics

The analysis of data derived from touch or gesture interactions with digital devices to gain insights into user behavior and preferences.

Transactional Research

The study of consumer transactions to analyze purchasing behavior, sales trends, and customer lifecycle for business intelligence purposes.


The process of converting speech or audio content into written text, used in market research to document interviews, focus groups, and other audio data.


The process of translating content from one language to another, ensuring that market research materials are accessible to a multilingual audience.


Transport Research analyzes transportation systems, logistics, public transit, infrastructure development, and environmental impacts of transport, as well as technological innovations in the field.

Travel & Tourism

This field examines trends in travel behavior, tourism economics, destination marketing, hospitality management, and the effects of global events on travel and tourism.

Tree Testing

A usability technique used to evaluate the findability of topics in a website or application by having users work through a simplified text version of the site’s structure.

Trend Analysis

Methods and tools focused on identifying patterns and trends in data sets. Used in market and consumer research, these tools help forecast future behaviors, market movements, and emerging industry trends.

Trend Monitoring

The ongoing process of tracking and analyzing changes and developments in specific markets or industries to predict future movements and opportunities.

Trend Reports

Reports that summarize the latest changes, patterns, and movements within an industry, providing insights into emerging trends.

Trend Scouting

The proactive search for emerging patterns, behaviors, and market changes that could indicate new opportunities or risks for businesses.

Triggered Surveys

Surveys that are automatically initiated by specific actions or events, used to capture real-time feedback related to a particular experience.

TV Audience Measurement

The practice of gauging the size and composition of television viewership, often used to determine the popularity of TV programs and to tailor advertising.

Unified Data Analytics

Unified Data Analytics refers to the integration of data from various sources into a single platform for comprehensive analysis. This approach allows for a holistic view of data and insights, facilitating better data-driven decision-making across organizations.

Usability Lab

A controlled environment where researchers can observe and measure how users interact with products, services, or interfaces to assess their usability.

Usability Labs

Usability Labs are specialized environments equipped to test and evaluate the user interface and overall user experience of products, typically involving observed tasks and feedback.

Usability Testing

This category includes methods and tools used to evaluate the ease of use and user experience of products, typically websites or software applications. It involves observing real users as they interact with the product and collecting feedback to identify usability issues and improve design.

Usage & Attitude (U&A) Research

Usage & Attitude (U&A) Research examines how consumers use products and their attitudes towards them, providing insights into consumer satisfaction and market opportunities.

User Experience (UX) Research

The study of users and their requirements to add context and insights into the process of designing user-centric products and services.

User Feedback

Platforms and tools for collecting and analyzing user feedback. These solutions are crucial for understanding customer satisfaction, improving product design, and enhancing overall user experience.

User Journey Mapping

A visual or diagrammatic representation of the end-to-end customer journey, highlighting touchpoints, user emotions, and pain points to optimize the user experience.

User Research Management

The organization and oversight of user research activities, including planning, execution, and analysis to guide user-centered design decisions.

User Surveys

The use of questionnaires to collect feedback, preferences, and insights directly from users to inform product development and improvement.

User Testing

Tools and services that facilitate user testing fall under this category. They are used to evaluate the usability and user experience of websites, applications, and other digital products by observing real users interacting with the product and collecting feedback.

Verbatim Response Coding

The process of categorizing and coding open-ended responses exactly as they are spoken or written to capture the full nuance of respondent feedback.

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