Goodbye 2021: A Year in Review

2021 by the Numbers

We had a hectic year: dozens of new articles, videos, training courses, webinars, events and even a new person: me! I joined when the year was already four months old, but that seems a long time ago now.

Here are some highlights from 2021. Now I know why we’re so tired.

Over 200 new companies in the directory.

37 blog articles.

4 ebooks.

47 webinars.

17 training courses.

3 major events.

And over 15,000 visitors each month. Thank you.


In January we had our Demo Days 2021, with innovative companies showing off their methods, tech and services.

There are nearly 40 on-demand demos waiting for you to watch them. Make sure you sign up to the next Demo Days 2022, coming up in January.

In July we had the Digital Qualitative Summit 2021, with 14 amazing sessions with experts from all over the world. We had insights on how to build and engage communities, how to make online research accessible, tips for great storytelling to influence stakeholders … and so much more!

The pandemic affected the way researchers connect with people and get great insights without being physically close. In this event we saw so many ways to do it: using videos, smartphones, whiteboards, discussions, focus groups … qualitative research has changed forever.

Finally, my favourite topic. in October we hosted the Behavioural Insights Summit 2021. And again, we were amazed!

We learned how to apply behavioural learnings & biometrics to marketing campaigns; how to predict and influence consumer behaviour and decisions; how to understand unconscious behaviours using video; the list goes on!

AI, machine learning and incredible tools made passive research, biometrics via mobile, semiotics at scale, predictions and ad testing so much easier and faster.

Watch every session from all our events on-demand.

Webinars & Masterclasses

Every month we also hosted great sessions with expert partners to share knowledge, tools and practical applications for research and analytics.

We learned about qualitative research, survey automation, communities, online workshops and much more.

As part of our plan of sharing knowledge and practices, we hosted 11 sessions in 2021.

Catch up on anything you missed with our selection of over 100 on-demand webinars and demos. Plenty of great content to start your learning journey in 2022.

Training Courses

Speaking of learning, you can expect to see a lot more training courses from us in 2022.

In 2021, we hosted and created a mix of free and paid training courses, including …

An 8-module masterclass series all about Research Technology. Insight Platforms founder Mike Stevens maps out the research tech landscape, the winning attributes of great research tech, strategies for building restech apps and much more. Check out the Restech Business School here.

Laura Pulito of Recollective shared her expertise in online qualitative research in this free six-part Online Qualitative Fundamentals series.

With isolation continuing through the year, we had to get creative not only with research methodologies, but also presentations and workshops. For that we had a huge help from Pam Hamilton of Paraffin with her free course Run High Impact Online Workshops.

If you like that, check out her premium course Mastering Workshops.

Finally, we closed this year’s live courses with Tom Woodnutt’s How Psychology can Inspire Better Online Qualitative Research. Some fabulous learnings here for anyone hoping to research customers at distance.


We publish a mix of our own content (Explainers, Market Maps, Top Platform roundups) and articles from our partners.

This year we talked about UX, CX, Biometrics, Concept Testing, Survey Analysis, Behavioural and Research Bias, Qualitative Techniques, Data Viz … and so much more! We had explainers to give context and usability, and the Top Platforms & Case Studies articles.

There are hundreds of archived Blog Articles to help researchers, marketers and CX professionals get up to speed quickly on new areas.

What’s Next in 2022?

Well, before moving on, we would like to thank you for joining us on this amazing ride in 2021!

We love creating and hosting useful things; please keep coming back and tell all your friends.

In the new year, we’ll have more training courses, events, expert sessions and videos to help you learn, do better research and get promoted.

Happy New Year, and we will see you again in January for an amazing 2022!


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