Behavioural Insights Summit

Oct 6th & 7th 2021

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Participating Companies

What is this event about?

System 1. Implicit Responses. Emotion AI. Consumer Neuroscience. If you want to understand people, you need to do far more than just ask them questions.

The Behavioural Insights Summit showcases thinking, case studies and technology from the leading edge of human understanding.

Who is this event for?


Learn about new System1 tools and creative techniques to help you understand consumers


See case studies from leading companies to  inform your brand planning and management


Understand how you can get deeper insights about people to inform your next project

Conference Sessions

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With the Eyes of AI

On-Demand Masterclass by Julia Saswito & Dr. Christian Scheier from aimpower on how to leverage AI to improve creative and predict consumer behaviour.

Bridging the Say-Do Gap with Video AI

On-Demand Masterclass from Sam Curtis, Dan Jenkins & Giovanna Fortuna from Big Sofa. Learn how to use video research to bring better insights than claimed responses.

The Appliance of Behavioural Science

On-Demand Masterclass with Richard Shotton, from Astroten, author of The Choice Factory about the applications of behaviour science concepts into marketing.

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