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Hotspex applies behavioural science and realistic virtual research testing environments to measure and predict consumer behaviour.


Behavioural Science covers a wide range of research, observational and experimentation methods including System 1 insights, implicit measurement, Emotion AI, Consumer Neuroscience and buyer psychology.

Applications include interface design, shopper marketing, advertising development and much more.

The Behavioural Insights Summit showcased this variety with 12 masterclass sessions, case studies and technology demos from the leading edge of human understanding.


Behavioural Insights Summit

Oct 6th & 7th 2021. A virtual one-day conference with live sessions, panel discussions & case studies about behavioural insights:…


What are Behavioural Insights?

Learn what are the insights based on the questions you don’t ask. Understand consumers’ behaviour, thoughts and reactions using Behavioural…

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Core Insights

A free guide from Canvs illustrating how to use test analytics to analyse open ended questions at scale, through real…


Platform Demo – Pulsar

On-demand demo of Pulsar: audience intelligence platform combining conversational and behavioural signals from leading digital destinations.


What is Machine Learning?

This article from Caplena has a straightforward explanation of AI and its various layers: Machine Learning, Deep Learning, NLP and…

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