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Yabble’s SaaS Market Research platform is a self serve tool to build surveys, run customer research communities and dynamic reporting to create insights.


Codeit is a verbatim coding platform trusted by the world’s leading research organisations. It offers a blend of AI and human based tools, allowing you…


Text analytics platforms rely on Natural Language Processing (NLP), a type of Artificial Intelligence.

These tools are used to make sense of unstructured data from a range of sources: verbatim comments in surveys, reviews posted in forums, posts in social media, comments transcribed in call centres and many other types of text-based input.

Key features of text analytics platforms include sentiment analysis; categorisation or topic analysis; entity extraction (eg to identify brands); and data visualisation – usually in an online dashboard.

Text analytics capabilities are also built into many platforms in other categories: Social Listening, Survey Software, Automated Surveys and Trend Analytics tools.

market map

Market Map: Text Analytics

Market Map of text analytics platforms for research, including general text analytics, verbatim coding, emotion analytics and CX analytics.

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