Year in Review 2022

Goodbye 2022! As we head into our Christmas break and look forward to 2023, we wanted to do re-cap and share everything we’ve done this year in one handy place.

Thanks to all our partners, viewers, readers, students (dissertation for students), sponsors and team members for being part of this.

Nearly 200,000 of you came to learn, join events, take a course, find companies, watch webinars, read articles, share your expertise and search for a new job.

We’re looking forward to welcoming you back with more great stuff in 2023; in the meantime, here’s 2022 wrapped.

Virtual Events that Educated and Inspired

We hosted 4 Global Virtual Events in 2022 with thousands of attendees watching live and on-demand afterwards.

Demo Days #1

Staring with January Demo Days: 8 demonstrations of the latest technologies and tools to manage, analyse and report research.

Demos - Insight Platforms


On-demand video collection. Introductions, walkthroughs & Q&A discussion with leading research and analytics technology platforms.

Watch them all on demand.

The AI Summit

Then in May we had The AI Summit – an educational event with experts from leading-edge companies presenting masterclasses and case studies showing how artificial intelligence is transforming CX, UX research, market research and data analytics.

We saw how artificial intelligence and machine learning makes everything faster; helps develop food products; understands meaning and sentiment; extract insights from unstructured data; sweeps through social media to get authentic consumer understanding; and much, much more.

We also wanted to showcase great companies and thinking to highlight the diversity of talent and creativity in research and analytics, so we allocated free lightning demo slots to 25 startups we felt deserved a little helping hand and free publicity.

More than half of these startups were founded or led by women and many were from outside the typical North American and Western European startup ecosystems and hailed from Africa, Latin America and Asia.

Watch all 25 lightning demos and every expert masterclass on demand.

Demo Days #2

July brought another Demo Days.

This time, 9 companies displayed how their platforms and tools work, from getting consumer data up to extracting insights and reporting them.

We still get amazed on how much technology does for insights and how much it changes and grows every year.

Demos - Insight Platforms


On-demand video collection. Introductions, walkthroughs & Q&A discussion with leading research and analytics technology platforms.

The Experience Summit

Our last major event was The Experience Summit.

We had Masterclasses about social insights for customer experience; storykeeping for insights and research teams; how mobile research and communities power CX insights; how UX and CX teams can prove ROI of their initiatives; and how qualitative research is the future for CX insights!

We also had 2 Expert Panels with successful UX and CX experts from various categories.

The first covered career paths from market research to UX research. And the second saw fintech and CX leads talking about the opportunities and challenges of driving action with CX data and how they did it in their companies.

There were also lightning demos of innovative software for gather and analysing UX and CX insights.

And finally, we shared a sneak peek of our Essentials Courses on CX and UX launching in the Insight Platforms Academy.

Webinars and Articles that Boosted Professionals Skills

We hosted 24 webinars in 2022 and you can now catch up on more than 80 webinars on demand.

Webinars and Videos Featured Image - Insight Platforms


A collection of live and on-demand webinars and videos. Presented by members of the Insight Platforms team and expert partners.

From Qualitative research expertise, concept testing, data curing and mining, communities’ maintenance, DIY research tips and guides… well, pretty much anything you need to know if you are into Research and Insights.

We also hosted 2 webinar series for concept testing and qualitative research for in-house teams.

I have been quieter in our blog this year, but only because our partners had so much good stuff that we decided to put our writing aside and display their great content instead. Not to be missed!

15 blog articles with great tips and advice on market research practices and techniques.

The Largest Global Directory of Companies for Research, Analytics and Experience

We helped insights teams find clients, suppliers and partners all over the world, through nearly 1,300 companies catalogued and reviewed in our directory.

Let’s not forget about our Market Maps, Landscapes and Buyers’ Guides for those trying to find platforms and tools for insights. We know how overwhelming it is to keep ahead of everything available, but we loved that our guidance helped people find what they needed!

A Revamped Academy with Dozens of Expert Training Courses

Lastly, and one we are so very proud of, is the relaunch of the Insight Platforms Academy.

We have more than 30 courses to improve your market research, research technology and career skills.

We launched the Research Essentials Series for people who are new to market research, user research, analytics and customer experience.

We also expanded the Research Technology Series and added new courses for Career Skills.

Thank You

We are so thankful to all of you who supported, helped and took this journey with us in 2022, and it’s especially heartening to serve such a diverse audience in so many different countries.

Personally, I live in São Paulo, enjoying the sun and heat (most of the time at least), and I pity Mike who lives in the (mostly) cold and wet weather of the UK.

Thanks for making our year amazing. We are working hard to get more innovative and insightful content for all of you next year.

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Happy New Year. We hope you can enjoy a break with families and friends and recharge for 2023.


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